Wyze Battery Cam Pro Recording when Nothing is There

Not sure what Wyze has done to the software for my Battery Cam Pro but now I’m getting multiple daily recordings of nothing that has moved in the frame. Yes, it still records an event when changing from night vision, which sucks, but now it’s recording randomly with nothing in the frame. How can this even be considered a “Pro” camera?! Also, it’s seems to be getting more and more difficult to get the Live View started, even if I’m right next to it when it’s next to my WiFi router.

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Could be related to this:

Also, make sure your sensitivity is not at the maximum. The Max sensitivity only uses the PIR sensor by itself (which means invisible, non-motion ambient heat changes can trigger an event), while all the rest of the settings will use both PIR And RADAR together.


The sensitivity was set to the maximum, I’ll try it with it turned down a bit. But the spotlight hasn’t been an issue randomly turning on. It still constantly records changing from night vision to normal vision though, which is so annoying because it never used to do that until there were a few software updates.

I’m curious “resist”, why did you mention that the spotlight hasn’t been an issue for you? Was this brought up somewhere else? Thank you, Dennis

Ok, I see it now in the Bonus title. Sorry bout that.

I was on Max sensitivity. Twice now, the camera spotlight has turned on, drained battery, and lost WiFi connection. This type of failure should have have some sort of recovery method to prevent battery drain and WiFi connection loss. Frustrating. I’m hoping the firmware fixes this!!!

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Here was my thought process of why this may be related to you too:

I have one of my BCPro devices that was also seeming to record random events that it shouldn’t and it was also turning on the spotlight for these non-events where there was no movement. I have a second camera that I leave plugged into power that would turn on the spotlight and never turn it off unless I unplugged it from power (I leave the battery out of it).

So, I am thinking that the people saying that the spotlight is randomly coming on when it shouldn’t (because there is no motion), or that the spotlight is staying on when it shouldn’t, is also the exact same issue as you or others saying the camera is recording events when it shouldn’t (because there is no motion). Since both issues are only supposed to happen when there is motion, and they are happening when there isn’t motion, that tells me they may be the same issue, it’s just that some people won’t notice they’re linked depending on various settings.

Hence, even though this fix is designed to address the issue of people noticing the spotlight is on when it shouldn’t be (because there is no motion) is the same issue for motion being recorded when it shouldn’t (because there wasn’t actually motion).

This is why I think this firmware might fix all of it since they’re all based on the same issue (something that relies on a motion trigger, is happening when there is no motion trigger). If Wyze fixes that, it should fix it for all of those issues. We’ll have to see.

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Thank you!
Is there way to get this fix/firmware now? Or, is there an expected release date for commercial availability?

I believe the firmware is launching publicly this week, probably later today. Keep an eye out for it. They’ll make an announcement in the Wyze News category and it will give you a pop-up message when you next try to live stream your camera. You will need at least 20% battery power to install the update.

Update! I just got an official public notice on Discord that the update is going out today! Check your camera and see you can update it now. If not, you’ll see it sometime today at least.

Here’s the announcement in the forums:

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Perfect…thank you! The “turning on the spotlight at midnight” was something that I was seeing. Thanks again for keeping me connected and now, hopefully, positive (just updated the cam). Dennis

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I solved the same issue by installing an SD card, plugged BCP into continuous power via USB cable, set cam to record to SD continuously, wait for mystery event, review event, tap SD icon, go back 1 minute… it was a flying insect that triggered the event but flying so fast that the event didn’t capture the actual start. Perhaps the preroll buffer on this cam needs to be extended.

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