Wyze Battery Cam Pro Battery Drain

Anyone else seeing random and severe power drain on the Wyze Battery cam Pro overnight after the recent update? My cam has a solar panel attached, but a few nights ago it went from 100% down to 19% overnight. It was able to charge back up to about 35% the following day, and continued to charge since, until last night where is had another random massive drain. Now its dead and the solar panel seems to not be changing it back up this time around.

Not sure if someone else may be seeing the same or similar issues.

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I have had something similar on one of mine since before the update. I tried various things and now it is doing better.

Something that might help is setting the sensitivity level down to 5 or lower instead 6. 6 triggers motion on just PIR, while 5 will require it to detect both PIR and Radar before it turns the cam on.

You can also change the recording length maximum and the cooldown interval to different intervals. Sometimes that also helps.


Same here, I got 2 battery cam pro with solar panels. After the update, one of the camera drains over night to 0%, and last night it did it again. Have no idea why. But I do noticed something, that one night I got up and saw camera B ( battery draining cam)’s spotlight was lit up, did not go off automatically, I had to get on app to turn it off. Maybe that’s something to do with it.


Thats exactly what I found out this morning. I left the house very early this morning to find the spotlight was on. I checked another cam that had the cam pro in its line of sight. The spotlight came on around 2 am and never turned off. I had to get in the app and turn it off manually. Crazy thing is that there wasnt a recorded trigger that made it come on. Hopefully this is fixed in the next update.