Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro newly installed but has audio, light, color issues

This camera was installed on 8/5/23. It worked perfectly for just over 2 weeks. We loved it! Then, it slowly started to have issues.

First, my alerts would show the grass as being bright green at night when the floodlight would come on. Then it started showing purple. It’s when the alert first starts and the floodlight has just clicked on. It is perfectly find during the day. This is all nighttime (dark) issues.

Then we noticed that audio stutters or sounds wrong. Like the microphone volume is too/overly loud. I have a clip with rain that sounds like someone is crunching on bones. Rain shouldn’t sound that like.

Now today, our internet went out for a few minutes and while our indoor Wyse cam OG auto reset to the internet when the internet came back up, the Floodlight Pro camera did not. It had a little greyed out cloud next to it. It was still recording to the SD Card though. Just no “live” viewing. We finally got that cleared up but now the floodlight won’t respond to motion - it won’t come on at all.

I have attached screenshots of the colors and a short clip for the audio.

Is this camera failing already?

Firmware is up to date 2.0.944
App is on IOS 16.6

In your shoes, I would consider contacting support. They’ll have you go through some troubleshooting steps, and if those don’t resolve it for you, you should still at least be covered under the warranty since it hasn’t been a year. So one way or the other this should get fixed for you.

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Did you have the same issue with the Floodlight pro? Was it resolved?

I have 4 Wyze Floolight Pros, but I have not had this issue on any of them. This is why I was thinking it might be good to contact support since this doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

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I have a set of FLPs and have not experienced the video issues. Having seen those colors on other Wyze Cams though, I would be willing to wager that the cam has a faulty UV Filter that isn’t retracting away from the lens when the cam goes from IR Black and White to full Color Vision.

Solution: Customer Support Warranty Replacement and RMA.

The mics on my FLP are also incredibly sensitive. Sensitive to the point of overpowering the audio if anything moderately loud occurs.

Here is an example I just recorded. My mobile phone is playing music on max volume. My V3Pro is about 10 feet from the phone. My FLP is at least 30 to 40 feet from the phone. Which should be louder?