Wyze Cam Pan caught fire/melted

Can’t, the reflash procedure is now the reset/setup procedure. As in holding the reset button while plugging in power is now the only way to get the “Ready to Connect”. There is no longer a reflash LED etc…

Interesting; both of my Wyze Cam Pans are acting up after the last update. One can’t see the memory card, and the other "cycles’ multiple times a day. It rotates and tilts multiple times; it did it twice in a row today, and several other times today that I know of. No smoke yet.

Wanted to give an update. Wyze sent me a new cam, it hasn’t had any issues. They even sent a prepaid return label for me to send the old one back with so they can figure out what may have happened. Overall it’s a positive experience, hope the rest of you guys are taken care of. I’ll be sending the other unit within days, my local parcel place is closed.


When things like this happens, it is almost always due to poor conenction in the Micro USB connector. The voltage might be low (5V) and the current low (less than 2 A), but if connection is bad, even that is enough to generate heat over time, and with that heat a deteriorating situation.
Always check connections on a semi-regular basis.
Saying this as only a user (zero affiliation to Wyze) who used to work with telecom low voltage connections (and yes, those could overheat as well).


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Oh, golly. We are sorry to hear that this happened!

You can get in contact with our customer support through this link:

Wyze Customer Support

Alternatively, here is our phone number:



Homeowners Insurance?

wow, looks like the hot side (L) got hot inside your receptacle outlet. Wyze power plug did not show burn on body. The burnt on prong is heat transferred from receptacle.

I had Two receptacle fire like that due to water leak from previous year when moved into a old house. copper wire oxidized to very thin.

Good thing is you caught it early.

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Don’t bother, wyze support knows nothing.

Best insurance… Don’t plug another one in?

Is that wall plug located indoors or out ?

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Wonder what Underwriters Laboratories would have to say about this failure. . .

not sure how a firmware update can cause such a sudden and massive electrical draw to cause such a overheat / overload situation. Especially the power brick , as that as no firmware that a user can update.

Only a design fault can cause this kinda thing. Just look at the Samsung Note 7 exploding phones, that was hardware, not software defect.

Maybe the thing got stuck in always rotating and the motor was on constant and that cause the overheat?

Anyways, this is good example to have Arc Fault outlets or breakers. They will trip and kill power when it detects arcing and other situations that is not a simple ground fault (that GFCI outlets/breakers do).

That being said, i have a pan, but it is not used much, recenlty plugged it up and updated firmware…but have not left it on for while.
Thinking i will do so, and put it in a metal frying pan, see if it kills it self or overheats.
(wish i still had my FLIR heat camera, that would make a good video and could see it start to overheat easy.
cam has
i check now, and newest version is

what firmware version is this supposed issue caused by?

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Happens all the time, Think about Boeing’s 737 Max or more recently,

sure…ok… compare a $20 5v usb camera(that probably cost -$5 in china parts to manufacture) to a very high voltage and rolling bomb of battery pack self driving electric car…perfectly valid. I am convinced. :roll_eyes:

I agree but they both use binary code instructions with an unanticipated result. Personally I think the fault was in the power adapter and the firmware update was just one part in a sequence of events. How much it may have been relavent in the unintended outcome needs serious examination by Wyze & Underwriters Labs.

UL and ETL became too commercialized. Actual Certification Safety Testing is not same as in 80’s

Maybe a bit more recent, In 2012, Underwriters Laboratories transformed from a non-profit organization to a for-profit company in the U.S. A new subsidiary named simply UL LLC, a limited liability corporation, took over Underwriters Laboratories’ product testing and certification business.

I suspect the V2’s are drawing more continuous current from this new firmware update 4.x.6.156.

In the picture the top USB in green, is a Cam Pan without bridge.
The next one down in red, is a V2 without bridge.

I use this USB station to charge up my Bluetooth speaker, when it’s plugged into it turns from green to red. When it’s fully charged up it turns to green,

Prior to the recent firmware update after a hard reboot it would turn green !
Checked my other V2’s and they all where glowing red !

So I changed all my V2’s back to there factory USB bricks just in case… but, now I’m wondering if I did the right thing ?

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