Wyze cam power supplies melting [due to sabotage]

So just had all four of our power supplies melt/blacken smoke. This happened simultaneously to all four cams in different locations, different circuits at our store. Very concerned no other devices of any kind were affected if this was a minor power surge of some kind. Thinking about discontinuing use of all other Wyze cams in home and at other store if they are this sensitive.

Hi Scott … hey could you please post pictures here of all four power supplies? I know WYZE will want to see pix … and probably will arrange return shipping for your devices.


Wow, that sounds really startling! Sorry to hear about this, @whfoxt. We’d like to request your Wyze Cams and power supplies back (with replacement) so we can look into what happened here.

Have you already sent in a support ticket about this? If so, please give me your support ticket number. If not, please fill out this form and tell me what ticket number you receive in a reply email:



Our ticket number is 214622

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Thank you! I’ll look into this now.

Upon further review, specifically looking at hours of video saved by the cameras before failure we have determined that our power supplies did not fail, they were purposely sabotaged by employees. Apparently, they were one by one submerged in water then plugged back in. Ultimately shorting out. Guess I need new power supplies and new employees.


…damn. That’s messed up.

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Oh man… We are so sorry to hear that. Good luck! :frowning:

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Wow! That is horrible!

Hey, could you or one of the moderators “edit” the title of your original post so that future readers will realize it was sabotage rather than a WYZE problem?


I think you should share the names of the employees, so that when their next employer Google’s them, they can read about what they’re getting into and the kind of person they really are.