SD Card Melting

Has anyone else ever experienced melting in the sd card slot. I bought a new v2 and Wyze sd card on Amazon to extend my network and after about 30secs of inserting the card I smelled plastic and saw a puff of smoke come out of the slot. Crazy!! I removed it and opened a ticket. I’m sure Wyze will take care of the replacement but I wondered if anyone else ever had this happen.



I have not heard of this and I’ll be calling in some Wyze folks here to take a closer look.


Almost sounds like a shorted card with no current limit in the camera. So they both probably need to be replaced. I see the camera case is damaged, so that may be automatic.


Yeah they both took damage. The card is toast and not sure how much I trust the camera. Definitely don’t want to put a new card in it, but in my use case I need to.

Oh yikes! Thanks for reporting… we will follow up shortly.


Oh no! So sorry to hear about this. May I please have your support ticket number? Thank you so much for reporting this problem.

Other than the card and Wyze Cam, is everything okay?


Yes absolutely all is well thanks so much for asking!
Ticket # 207524


You’re welcome! We’re relieved to hear that everything else is okay. Thank you for the ticket number. I’m out of the office for the evening but I’ll work on this first thing tomorrow. Have a lovely evening! :slight_smile:


Mine “caught fire” last night at 2am. Had some serious smoke coming out from it. Put it in a steel tub until this morning. Lucky it didn’t catch the house on fire. This is my second Wyze cam that was defective… starting to really worry about this product, and the fact they have zero telephone support.


We’re so sorry to hear this, h20mobius. Our phone number is (844) 999-3226 and if you would like for me to work with the Wizards to schedule a call for you I would be happy to do so. We would like to take your Wyze Cam and microSD card back as well if you’re up for it. If so, please fill out this support form and give me the support ticket number you receive in a reply email:

Submit a request – Wyze

@jvrthp, I have your ticket up now and I’ll be sending you a reply shortly.

I read this and was naturally very concerned.

WYZE need to identify the problem and give advice to users.

As a UK user I am using amazon plugs providing the power supply to my Wyze Cams. Is this safe and acceptable ?

I understand that Wyze isn’t available in the uk yet but advice wold be appreciated.

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Yikes! As a new Wyze user looking to pick up my Wyze cam soon, this is certain disconcerting.

Would jvrthp and h20mobius care to share how recent your Wyze cam purchases were, and whether there is any batch # / date of manufacture available for your cameras? And just to confirm with h20mobius – you had an SD card in the camera as well, right?

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I just had the same thing happen yesterday, inserted a sandisk 32 GB sd card, it was not ‘seen’ so I unplugged the device, plugged it back in, still not see, so I went to remove the card to re-insert it and burnt my finger not knowing the sdcard / cam was burning hot. I then smelled the burning and quickly unplugged it. Will contact support. This is a SERIOUS issue

Yes same issue for me. Did not recognize it and went to reinsert then after I put in back in I smelled it and saw the smoke

Please give me your support ticket number after contacting our support. We agree that this is a serious issue and we would like to bring back your Wyze Cam and microSD card back for investigation as well. We are deeply sorry to hear about all of these issues, everyone. And we will investigate thoroughly to find out what is going on.

@tiadog666, I will check with the engineering team about your power adapter. I am not involved with the hardware enough to have an answer for you before I get into the office and I apologize for the delay.


Any updates on this? Are we at risk of fire if we insert Micro SD cards in our cameras?


Wyze Cams are made of flame retardant materials and you should not be at risk of a fire. However, the melting issue is definitely a problem and we’re looking into it. We haven’t had enough time to receive the Wyze Cams that we have requested back yet but this is a top priority for us.


This concerns me highly as my cameras are sitting in my garage windows (here in Arizona, it can get pretty hot out there in the summer). Following this thread closely to get any updates/recommendations about the SD card melting/fire issues. Maybe it’s just a particular brand of card?

I may put a metal plate under each so that the drywall sill they’re sitting on wouldn’t catch fire if the SD card caught fire. Very concerning.

Thank you,

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Wyze Cams are made of flame retardant materials so the drywall should be fine. The microSD cards probably aren’t actually catching fire as opposed to overheating. But we get where you’re coming from and we definitely understand that this is concerning. We’re looking into this now and we’ll update as we get more information.

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I’m hoping this is the case, melting/heating up is a concern, but that’s not nearly as bad as truly starting a fire.