Literally burnt up sd card!

VERY CONCERNED!! And I LOVE my Wyze camera… but about a month or so again, my camera stopped working. The black smaller camera (not specific name known) So I went and got it and when I picked it up, it was HOT!!! I tried to pull out the SD card and the spring was not working and there was something wrong with the outside??? I managed to pull out the SD card to only burn my fingers! Yes. I burnt them. The Sd card is destroyed and the reason it looks strange is because it Burnt the outlet the Sd card goes into.
I hope Wyze approves this and seriously let’s me ask others. I am curious because I have cameras through out the house. And kids. Worst part… I tried to take it back to Home Depot and I don’t have receipt … it was a seasonal item and won’t take it back. They will give me $6 for it. So lost camera and Sd card wth

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Wow that is horrible. I have never heard of that or experienced it. I will check all my cameras to see if they feel hot and if the SD cards eject and if I have any problems I will reply back here and let you know so that we can show that there is a common issue.

But as of right now I have not had any issues Like what you experienced like what you experienced. I’m just glad you didn’t have a fire. God bless

Unfortunately a few others have experienced similar events. Search “thermal event” in the forums here. Here is a big thread to get you started.

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We are sorry to hear that this happened to you! Are your fingers okay?

Have you reached out to our customer support team? We would like to take this camera back to see what happened and send you a replacement.

Wyze Customer Support


I have learned much about Wyze products by reading this forum!

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and I would love to send it back to you. I have written customer service multiple times with NO response. I thought the cs was good here?
I guess when dealing with really serious issues this is a no. Sorry. A little frustrated here. I have prob written them 6 to 7 times in the past 5 months. Nothing.

What is your support ticket number? That’s the first thing Gwen will ask, and she can then take that and look into your issue and help you out! Very sorry you’ve had issues like that, Gwen will get things moving for you. :slight_smile:

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Omgitstony beat me to it. :slight_smile:

We’re sorry to hear about this and I would like to look into what’s going on with your support tickets. May I please have the support ticket numbers you should have received in automatic reply emails so I can check our end of things?

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