SD card not detected

Hi! I’m just new to this forum and just installed my cam just a few hours. I installed the SD in the cam but it said that No SD detected. Is there a specific SD that I could use? Just wondering why it’s not detected. Any help please? Thanks in advance!

nope, you should be just fine with just about any card. can I ask though what card you got and its size?

too fix your issue put it in a computer and format it. make sure it is formatted to FAT32. it should recognize it then.


Hi Bam! I did what you said and it’s working now! Thanks a lot! :pray:

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glad to help sir


Question i put my sd card in and turn on the camera. It got so hot it burned my finger. I followed the editorial. Not sure why it’s getting hot??? Help

that’s “interesting” :frowning:

this is a bit of a different issue, Ill msg you so as to not clutter the forum or deviate from the post.

If anyone has a problem about no SD card issue, check that your Wyze V2 is eligible for replacement .

Still haven’t received a replacement SD card yet so not sure???

Hi, @amberdearwest79. Did you contact Wyze support about your microSD card? If so, do you have the support ticket number?

I see @Bam sent you a PM and looks like it has been awhile.

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