WyzeWebcam Killed My Micro SD Card

I converted my Wyze Cam v2 to a webcam with the provided firmware. I followed the instructions like normal, and converted the Wyze Cam to a webcam. It didn’t work well as a webcam. The video kept freezing and I’d have to unplug and replug cam. So I went to flash it back to a wyzecam, and the microSD card appears to be smoked. I’ve tried it in multiple PCs, phones, USB adapters and systems…and windows disk manager doesn’t even recognize a device.

Has anybody else had this issue?

Seems like people need to be very careful when installing and removing sd cards on a Wyze camera.
This thread is one of a few: SD Card Melting - #317 by Seapup

Wow, sounds like it! I inserted the card with the camera powered off, and removed it afterward with the camera powered off, but somewhere after it read the card to flash iteself, it borked the card.

what card was it?

It was a 32 gig Sandisk Ultra.

My Wyze Cam Pan has smoked 2 sd cards in about a month. First one died I figured the cam was a good year old. So I replaced the card with one from wyze. It lasted maybe a week and killed that one. Cam works but says there’s no sd card. I have that one up in my kitchen and haven’t gone up to get it yet. But I assume it’s going to be a thing now.

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Same issue here. I have V2s and v3s all using 32 gig cards. Some have wise cards and others or brand name cards. They work for months and then fail. Take them out of the cam put them in a computer it doesn’t even recognize them in a computer. New card works fine. I don’t know if it’s a problem when they get full the rollover has a problem but they need to do something to fix what’s killing these cards