Can wyzecam kill a 64GB micro SD card?

On two occasions, I put a 64GB SanDisk micro SD card in my version 1 camera. It recognized 59 GB and seemingly recorded flawlessly. However, after a few weeks the card stopped recording and could not be formatted either in the camera or out of the camera. Any ideas on why or how this could be happening?

This is weird, I have a 128GB Samsung EVO that I cannot use after it was in a WyzeCam for 2 days.

It appears to be work fine, but anything written to the card is not actually written. Deleting files, or card formats report OK but then you look and it goes right back to when I last took it out of the WyzeCam.

I thought it was just a bad card.

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That happen to me also with a 32GB Samsung EVO, one day it was fine in the camera and next day stopped recording, took it out and could read the files from the previous days but nothing else could be written to the card by either the camera or the PC, tried formatting and came back with error “card read only”.

The card is on the way to Samsung under warranty


OP, are you doing constant recording, or record on motion? Constant recording can be tough on cards.


Ryan, that sounds just like the symptoms of getting a fake card. Where did you buy it? Did you use it for any time in other devices before the camera?


No it’s a genuine SanDisk Ultra Plus. And yes I do record continuously. Perhaps I should set my next card up to record just on motion?

Well, how can you be sure it’s genuine? But that comment was really for the other person, whose symptoms sound like the fake USB flash drive/card problems. Lots of cards have been sold with a brand name on them, but they are junk and often under-sized although they show up as larger. They let the system write to the card, but nothing is saved.


Constant write/erase is tough on flash memory. It seems like this happened way too quickly to be that, however. My car dashcam, for example, specifically says to buy the “high usage” cards otherwise it will kill them.


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I purchased mine direct from Amazon, which usually don’t ship fake stuff. Here is the exact link it was bought from. It was used in my LG phone for a month or two before the WyzeCam with no problem, but that was very little use.



Yeah, that does seem odd. Lifetime warranty though, right?


I have 2 Cams both with 32 GB cards, both sent to continuous record. Within a week of each other both have stopped recording, the app shows no local storage.

Sounds more like the camera is doing the damage, so maybe the answer to the OP’s question is yes.

Most name brand cards are hard to kill.

This might help revive your card(s);



This is exactly what my dash cam manual said would happen if you don’t use the heavy-duty constant-write cards. This type of use is just murder on flash memory. I wonder what would happen with the $10 Wyze-branded card?


just wanted to chime in that i have a 64GB card in mine. i believe it’s a Samsung and it seemed to work fine for the past few months. but a week or so ago i started getting messages that some 12 sec clips weren’t making it to the cloud and this weekend notifications stopped, event recording stopped, and i had trouble connecting to the camera reliably. power cycling didn’t seem to help. i noticed the SD card was full. i decided to reformat it and now the cam is back to its old self. i’m getting notifications and recordings. i thought the cam would just record over old stuff but apparently i need to clean it out periodically. maybe that’s just because the card is not the recommended 32GB.

That’s interesting, it was my understanding that it would erase the oldest recordings also.


Yes that is interesting, Will have to do some testing with a 64Gb and a 32Gb card to see what’s happening here.

Mine reliably deletes the old data on both the 32 and 64GB cards (I have four 64GB SanDisk high endurance cards, three SanDisk 32GB “normal” cards, and two Wyze supplied 32GB cards).