Fried Micro USB

A couple of weeks ago, I lost connection with my Pan at the farm. I just pulled up tonight and went to reboot the camera only to notice that the Micro USB was not wanting to plug back into the unit. I looked closer and found what appears to be a fried Micro USB port on the camera and matching scorch marks on the end of the Micro USB power cord. I’m not sure what happened, but it appears to be catastrophic.

If Wyze support wants the cam to try to figure out what happened, it is all yours. I don’t think that I have much use for it in this state. :neutral_face:

I will have to say that the Micro USB in the back of the Pan cam is probably the only complaint that I have had with the unit. Even before this incident. I always considered it the weak spot on the cam. Other than that, I am very happy with the products and I will continue to buy and recommend them. Keep up the hard work.


Doesn’t look fried to me, looks like it may have been jabbed in to the side & at an angle, and the force broke the plastic pin support & bent the pins

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Ouch. No candy coating there.

Odd that my post was flagged as inappropriate, I was only saying the cause, used to see it a lot on mobile phones

A phone repair shop should be able to fix it quickly & easily


Wyze will definitely want this camera back to take a look at. Please file a Support Request and reference this forum post. When you get the support ticket number back, please post it here and we’ll make sure that Wyze sees and expedites the issue.



Yes, we absolutely want to bring this one back and send you a replacement. We are sorry that this happened and appreciate you letting us know!

I am out of town on vacation but I will ask another employee to keep an eye out for your support ticket number here.


When I get back to my shop, I’ll put it under the scope and take a much closer look at the connection.
I’ll post the pics once I have them.
Nobody was at the farm when it happened, so I thought it odd that the connection would just go bad…but…I do have a couple of college-age nephews that like to swing by. I wouldn’t put it past them unplugging it while they did whatever they do out there. I try not to imagine.
I might also check out the log file and see if I can decipher anything from it.
I am also not fishing for a new camera. I just thought that I would bring it to your attention … no matter what happened … as I do consider the charging port the weak point on the cam.
Thanks for the quick responses…I enjoy the very interactive community.


We’re so glad to hear that, Spyder. Once you get back, please let us know what the support ticket number is so we can help look into this as soon as possible. We appreciate you letting us know and if you have any questions please feel free to tag the moderators or myself so we cam assist.


I caught what you did there :grinning::+1: Brilliant.

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Yep, mine looked exactly the same when I left in the rain to keep an eye on the contractors working on my house. Doesn’t rain much here in the desert, so my fault.

Now I use it as a dummy to “protect” my driveway. Wyze, if you to send me a replacement too, your welcome to look at mine :slight_smile:

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That’s so weird, the same thing happened to me. Cam wasn’t working and I check the cam and see the USB cable had an issue!

I’d be willing to send it back along with cam it was connected to for you guys to look at.


Two points here. 1st check recent weather reports. I’ve had issues when there is lightning. Even had to replace GFI receptacles that sacrificed themselves. It could be an inductive surge toasted it.

2nd. I am patiently waiting for the outdoor version, This increases my desire for a proper one. Also, will you be providing shielded grounded supply wires for the outdoor cams?


MicroUSB port is not so reliable. We use them as primary source of power for customer devices, and with time, this connector is prone to mis/short contact, and even destruction.

For a standard MicroUSB connector, expect a life cycle of 1000 insertions for female side. On male side (the cord from power source), it is down to 300, with Chinese cables.

For a Camera, that not should be a problem, as Camera is intended to be always ON. But you know, our products was also intended to be always ON, but customer’s choices are wild and creative!

Maybe one day, you can use the new USB-C connector? It is much more reliable and can be plugged on both directions (the second most important point of failure).

Hope it helps!

BTW: Spyderbyte, you can replace your connector, by de-soldering the broken one, and soldering a new one (this will kill your warranty).

Alright! I have returned.

@Spyderbyte, were you able to take a closer look at things? We appreciate that you aren’t fishing for a new camera but we do want to look into this one ourselves and don’t want to leave you without. :slight_smile:

@JayJay, uh… I think we have already solved that mystery. Thanks for your kind offer, though!

@elliotks, we would also like to look into your cable. Have you contacted our support team? If not, please fill out this form and let me know your support ticket number when you receive one in a reply email: Support Request Form

Thanx for the heads up. I’m still on the fence with WYZE so far so good but I’ve been hearing bad things about the customer service and I’m really interested in if they help you or not and if so, if they make it difficult or not. Good luck! Hope they help ya. :+1:

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