So wyze plug just melted in the socket while plugged into my cell phone

So ya I have an issue with my wyze plug wlpp1 I was sitting on my couch watching TV and I’m hearing a crackling so I start to track it and sure enough my wyze plug is smoking hot with my phone charger plugged in. I yank out the power cord and disconnect the unit from the socket and both the input in output are burnt up melted I can’t believe it and after my last minor issue turned into a total nightmare with support I don’t even know if I care enough to make contact. I’m so disappointed right now I own a ton of your products 7 cams(v2, v3, pan&scan, outdoor) head phones, earbuds buds, plugs, scale I don’t know man my wife is now doing wifey things to my brain “go unplug the rest” uggg this sucks (2).pdf (3.9 MB) (1).pdf (4.7 MB) (4.9 MB)

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Hello! Thanks for the post bringing this to the community attention. Sorry this occured, it does seem unfortunate and glad everyone is ok.

This forum is mainly a user to user forum, but it does have some Wyze folks show up every while. I can tell you that this is an important issue that Wyze will want to follow up on with it being a thermal event and a safety issue with the plug. I know you are hesitant, but what I highly recommend and the way to get follow-up officially started is to contact Support and let them know what happened. Make sure you get a ticket number so this issue can be properly tracked and followed by the powers that be. Now this issues information has been sent up the ladder here in the forums and if you could post your ticket number here after you get it from support that would greatly help us.



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I am so sorry this happened and I hope everyone and everything is ok. We would love to get this plug back so we can look at it and get it replaced for you. Could you reach out to support and let them know what happened.

Wyze Support

(206) 339-9646
Mon - Fri 4am - 8pm PT
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm PT


Yikes, and have 10 of those plugs in use in my house, garage, and shop. Never had any issues, but that’s scary.
Not to mention also having 10 switches and 8 of the outdoor plugs.

Highly relatable. My plug was sparking, too. Just posted about it. Have not called support - afraid to use the plugs. Risk vs. Reward. Will keep using everything else I have with wyze, though. But yeah…the clicking sound, the sparking - all relatable. I opened ticket 961298 waiting to hear back.

Wonder what the watts or amp ratings are on the plugs? :thinking:

says right on them 15 AMPs max. However, most residential outlets, while rated at 15 amps, probably trip at 12 amps at the breaker box.

I think what you may be wondering is what did i have plugged in. All it is was a light fixture with a 40 WATT bulb, which is 0.333 AMPS - way, way, way under 15 AMPS. But actually it was an LED bulb, which is about 8 WATTS, or 0.0667 AMPS. So if a Wyze switch sparks after such a low amp draw, there’s gotta be something wrong inside of it.

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