Wyze cam doorbell v2

Can anyone tell me if Wyze cam v2 is capable of notifying me on my phone or other smart devices like echo or google home if a chime isn’t connected?

Short answer, yes. However I don’t have Echo or Google Home so I can’t speak to that question… I have my Doorbell V2 connected to a gate. When someone pushes the doorbell, I get a VOIP call to my phone with the ringtone set to a pre-recorded message of me saying, “Someone’s at the gate”. Also, through IFTTT, between the hours of 8am and 7pm, the gate will automatically open.


It absolutely will, yes.


Thanks much


Just to clarify, it does notify you on your phone (it can even call you with a VoIP call if you set it up that way). It also can chime or announce the button press on Alexa/Echo devices. However, Google doesn’t naturally do it at this exact moment. There are ways to get it to chime on a Google speaker as long as you have another Wyze camera or other Wyze device as well, so if you need help with that, we can direct you to some instructions for how to make it work with Google because it still will, it’s just not built into Google right now to do it easily.

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Ok thanks much I was just considering buying a new doorbell cause I’m tires of paying for ring subscription And was wondering if doorbell v2 would be better or doorbell pro. What do you think?


I have all 3 Wyze Video Doorbell models. To be honest, it kind of depends. Both the Pro and the v2 are great in different ways:
VDBPro is better for:

  • Better Field of View (can see packages right underneath it better) = H:150°, V:150° in the Pro vs H:135°, V:103° in the v2
  • Can be placed anywhere (battery capable, but also can be wired)
  • Can unlock the Wyze Lock Bolt remotely if you need to let in a guest or repairman while you’re away from from
  • Supports using a Digital Chime that can be placed somewhere convenient for you.
  • Connects through the 5GHz band
  • Can give more flexibility with the distance sensitivity using the PIR sensor

The VDBv2 is better for:

  • Has a MicroSD card that lets you record continuously so nothing is ever missed
  • Has 2K resolution (higher image quality than the Pro! 2048 x 1536 in the v2 vs 1440 x 1440 in the pro)
  • Can use a home’s existing mechanical chime (or wired digital chime)
  • Is cheaper than the Pro

Both can use Alexa and both will do notifications to your phone, including a VoIP call. Both will sync with the Original Wyze Lock model (only the Pro will use the Lock Bolt model though)

Honestly, they’re fairly similar in most ways, but those are the main ones that most people will care about. In the end it mostly depends on your use case.

Overall I’d say you get a lot more value out of the VDBv2 for the price. It’s generally better unless you don’t have doorbell wiring, or if you use the Lock Bolt (which only syncs up through the Pro).

As I said, I have all 3 models of the Wyze Video Doorbells. They’re all good in different ways, but I would generally push people to get the v2 model unless they have a battery need, need to remotely control the lockbolt, or seeing lower down closer to the door is really important. I hope that helps. :+1: