Wyze Cam - Constant Issues - error code 20, -27, -200010 and more

I’m not sure what else to do at this point, but basically everyday, all day, I deal with connection issues with my cameras. And then out of the blue they’ll just work normally for weeks. I’ve reset them ALL (very annoying) multiple times. Deleted them and re-added as well multiple times.

Am I not connected correctly?

These are my settings in my router/modem (next comment - it wouldnt let me add more than one embeded image)

I’m on the verge of selling off my 7 cameras because of the horrible connection issues with them. I can’t rely on my security cameras at all. This happens on both my android app and through bluestacks when on my computer.

Settings are pretty standard, I would set the Channel to Auto though. If the channel is busy, you could have issues.

Questions though:

  • Is this an ISP Supplied Modem / Router?
  • Who is your Provider?
  • What speeds are you supposed to be getting?
  • What App version are you currently running?
  • What model cameras do you have? Can you provide one with the FW you are running on it?

There are so many items which could cause these issues, I have 76 devices actively connected and more which connects when needed. I also have a mix of 16 cameras connected without issues. By you stating it could work for weeks and then suddenly stop, may be indicative of something Network related. Do you have a cap on Bandwidth usage and Throttling could be happening?

Something to try:

  • Clear Cache from the App: Account > App Settings > Clear Cache
  • On Android: Long Press the App and Choose App Infor, do a False Stop, select Storage and Cache, Clear Cache from here as well.
  • Restart your phone or tablet, then go back in and see if they stream.
  • Yes
  • Rogers
  • 500mbps down
  • Wyze 2.39.0(179)
  • V3 cams - FW: and one V2 - FW:

I’ve chosen “Auto” for the most part on channels. I do notice that when I change the channel SOMETIMES it help and works for a bit. Not always though.

I’ve done all the bottom suggestions you said as well, again after you reply. Still no change.

Do you know if they throttle the bandwidth based on usage?

They don’t.

Do you have a spare router you can try or test with?

@carverofchoice @R.Good @cyberdog_17 @IEatBeans , can any of you provide any suggestions?


Unfortunately I don’t as I just use the provided modem/router from my ISP.

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@vsMARTINO, hey there! I’m sorry to see all the connection issues you are experiencing. Reading your posts, this looks heavily like these cams are not playing nice with your router for whatever reason. I would like to see how these cams perform on a different router. I’d suggest maybe going to Walmart and picking one up and testing them. You can always return it after the test if that is something you are willing to do.


Yea, it seems it’s something I should try. Will do it and report back when I do!

Thanks @cyberdog_17 , that is what I was thinking, but wanted another’s take on it.

I will say this, an individual I work with was having a similar issue, I loaned him a Wyze Router and he set that up to test and everything connected without issues, he is happy with the setup and now I am not sure I will get them back. :slight_smile:

My point is, the issue was actually with the router and not the Wyze Equipment.

I like Cybers approach, test and if it works, keep the new router, if not return it. Or you can always order the Wyze Routers. :wink:


I understand how insanely frustrating this can be because I experienced the same thing for a really long time a couple of years ago.

This is basically everything I learned when I was trying to troubleshoot similar connectivity issues as are being described here:

Maybe it will give you some good ideas of things to try so that you don’t get as frustrated as I got trying to troubleshoot all my connectivity issues. After working through most of those things I basically never have connectivity issues at all anymore unless there is some kind of outage (power goes out, AWS servers go down, etc).


I agree with cyberdog, sounds like a router issue and getting a good router to test would probably resolve it as well as help the rest of your devices run smoother and faster.


I may have access to a TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73) for testing, but if works well I’d just buy it. Thoughts on that router?

Sorry, Cannot offer any opinions on that one. I now use the Wyze Mesh Router Setup and they work Great. I believe others have used the TPLink you mentioned and have had good luck with it.

But if you test and it works well, then no harm.


Got the TP-Link AX73 installed. The ISP modem/router is in bridge mode. So far so good, we’ll see if this sorts everything out!


Woohooo! Please continue to keep me in the loop!


1 week in - So far so good. It has definitely made an impact.

I’ve even added a 7th camera to the outside back of my shop which is about 50ft from the router and through 2 walls - No issues.

Coincidentally my neighbours car had almost gotten broken into on Wednesday and I had to sift through a ton of the playback footage to catch them on my main front camera. I spent about 20 min going through the footage, which I was NOT able to do previously. The cameras would disconnect every time I scrolled or hit +/- 30 seconds. Now they stay connected and actually allow me to go through the footage.

Conclusion - Everything seems to be working MUCH better and I haven’t had a single full camera disconnect needing a reboot as of yet.