Wyze band notification

So I started seeing notifications “Band connection is running” . I don’t even have Wyze Band. I can’t find the place where to disable that notification. Any ideas?


This should have been addressed by the v2.10.74 update.

Another option is here… But you should respond if that updated app didn’t fix it.

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I have started seeing it since 2.10.74. Turning off “Downchannelservice” helped so far.

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I’m still getting the wyze band app running notification

Hi @greenham09! What app version are you using? :slightly_smiling_face:

This usually gets rid of it until the device is restarted.


Also I think if you force close the app, then the notification will come back.

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I forced closed mine and it didn’t come back. :man_shrugging:

Interesting… My banner notification comes back every time I force close the app and then reopen the app. I don’t usually have to force close it so it’s not a problem I deal with.

My app was updated to the latest version and the notification changed since then. Now it’s completely related to the Wyze Band, which I dont have. I force quit the app and now it’s gone but I know it’ll come back.

What do you think?


I’ve been having the same issue ever since the update. I turned Wyze Normal and Wyze Downchannel on and off and the notification has disappeared for now. Will watch to see if it comes back.

I turned Wyze Normal and Wyze Downchannel on and off and the notification has disappeared for now

The only problem with doing that is you won’t receive your regular Wyze notifications.

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Hi Rob,

I did turn the downchannel notification back on, so I’m hoping I should receive notifications. I just initially turned it on and off to make the constant notification about Wyze Band is running go away. I don’t even have a Wyze Band product, so wasn’t sure why that was running in the background anyway.

There is no longer a down channel notification for the latest app v 2.10.80. Did you try updating to this version to fix this issue?

Has the 2.10.80 update been pushed out for all users because I can’t seem to get it?

I thought it was pushed out to everyone. I did notice there was one update where everyone else could see it but I couldn’t see it once. I wasn’t sure why though.

2.10.74 is the latest version showing for me in the Google Play store. Hmm.

I didn’t start having this issue until I updated the app. Now the band notification won’t go away, I don’t have a band and I am on the beta app. Prior to this I was having a persistent notification about the wyze scale which is now resolved