Android App 2.10.74 Released - 5/11/20

Hello, forum friends!

We’re releasing Android version 2.10.74 today to address the persistent Wyze app notification. Sorry about that! Now only phones connected to a Wyze Band will display the notification so they can maintain the connection for Alexa, Shortcuts, and Notifications.

Read our Release Notes here:


Since the update today, I have noticed a notification that states that “Wyze is running”.
Is there a way to turn this off ?? (somewhere in settings maybe)
I did not have any notification prior to the update.
I have always got notifications for motion detection where desired.

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I am still seeing only the version 2.10.72 in Google Play Store. Is the version 2.10.74 actually available?

Is the battery still draining on the latest version? I thought they are going to fix that too.

Do you have a fitness band? That’s what the icon is for.

@wyzzz I’ve just installed 2.10.74. I was having the same battery drain experience as you were. I’ll post again in an hour or so when I’ve got some data on battery usage.

@wyzzz initial check indicates the battery drain issue looks to have been resolved with 2.10.74

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I installed version 2.10.74 and it looks like the battery draining issue is indeed fixed. But does it look like HD stream is blurry or just my eye sights are getting worse even with my bi-focal on?

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I don’t see any difference in the HD stream quality versus before the update :man_shrugging:

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn

I’m still experiencing very high battery usage with 2.10.74 (same as with 2.10.72). I’ve narrowed it down to a situation where the phone is charged all the way to 100%, all the while the phone’s CPU is constantly being used (possibly by a long running / stuck partial wake lock (the dev’s will know what this means)).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. With phone battery below 100% charge
  2. Install Wyze 2.10.74
  3. Observe normal battery drain (phone enters “doze mode” when locked / screen off)
  4. Charge phone to 100%
  5. Remove phone from charger
  6. Observe excessive battery drain (constant CPU usage even with phone locked / screen off)
  7. Restart phone
  8. Observe normal battery drain (phone enters “doze mode” when locked / screen off)
  9. Uninstall Wyze 2.10.74
  10. Charge phone to 100%
  11. Remove phone from charger
  12. Observe normal battery drain (phone enters “doze mode” when locked / screen off)
  13. Restart phone
  14. Observe normal battery drain (phone enters “doze mode” when locked / screen off)

Will System Partition Cache clear after App update help?

Could you please tell me how much battery is drained in, say, 12 hours? I’ll report this to the team!

This Android app update has fixed an issue I’ve had for months. I’ve been having trouble with cameras loading and was about ready to abandon ship. For example, I would watch my front porch cam then back out and select my rear porch cam and it wouldn’t load. I would have to completely close the app and re-open it. It’s super snappy now. I can switch between all 7 of my Wyze cams without issue!


Hooray! That is great to hear! Thanks! :smiley:

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Normally my battery usage is around 30% over a 12 hour period, but since the 2.10.72 update it spiked to around 70% over a 12 hour period. I’m a very light phone user, so I can tell when things aren’t right. That being said, there’s also an Android issue from around 2016 which may have resurfaced. I’m still running some tests, but have kept Wyze uninstalled for a while, until I can 100% verify that it’s the app, and not some underlying Android issue.

I also need to test whether setting the Wyze’s “Snapshot” folder to backup in Google Photos is perhaps an issue.

Attached you can see the battery drain as the squiggly diagonal line, 94% at 6:00, 24% at 18:00

See this post. The notification will come back if you restart your phone or force close the wyze app though.

Anyone else having Wyze App crashing on Android version 2.10.74 ? Ever since I installed this version the app will crash when playing back a recorded event . Will crash probably 2 to out of 5 play back events. I have sent logs . Hope this gets fixed.

This is ridiculous. Other we watches and fitness bands manage to function without persistent notifications. Even with Alexa integration. Wyze can do better.

I’ve been having issues with the app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 since Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th. It won’t launch the app unless I restart my phone and then sometimes not even then. I’ll click on the icon and it will act like it’s going to open and then it just shoots back to my home screen. I’ve uninstalled, installed the app and restarted my phone numerous times. Also, after I restart, if I am able to access the app, if I close the app and try to go back in - it won’t launch the app. I have noticed that my battery has been draining much faster as well and I haven’t downloaded any other app or changed anything this week other than the Wyze app. Hoping to receive some help with this since not being able to access the app renders my cameras pointless.