Android App 2.10.80 Released - 5/20/20

Happy Wednesday, forum folks!

We’re releasing Android app 2.10.80 today. We found that the persistent notification was still present for some Wyze customers without Wyze Bands and fixed that bug. The notification keeps Alexa, Shortcuts, and notifications alive for Wyze Band.


Well, I was hoping that the new app and firmware updates would straighten out my band Alexa issue, which it did not.

The problem continues to be that, except for immediately after a reboot of the band, a long press only brings up the upward arrows, which I believe to be a forced sync (not sure, though). Alexa will not come up with any combination of presses, again, unless I do it directly after a reboot. After that, the long press brings up the arrows only.

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The upward arrows indicate sliding up to unlock which is a setting that you can get to in the app for your band

OK. Thanks for the reply, but now that I have that settled, it still doesn’t work properly. I’ve had the screen unlocked in the app settings all along, but when I press the button, I still get the arrows. I suppose that’s why I wasn’t familiar with the arrow animation.

After reading your reply, I tried the lock function which works fine, but after unlocking by sweeping up, I still get the same result.

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I also get this. Maybe 60% of the time I go to access the band I get ‘stuck’ on the home screen with the white arrows at the bottom. At which point I can’t interact with the band at all, and need to wait for the screen to time out / turn off before I can try again. Pretty lame but that really reduces funtionality. (And I do not have lock / swipe enabled in settings)

TL;DR: The app does not save the Contact Sensor’s Notifications setting of “Is left open/closed.”

This issue has been present in at least the last few versions of the Android app (2.10.72 through 2.10.79). (I’m not sure when it started being a problem. I only noticed it after I replaced a defective Contact Sensor under warranty and tried to set up the new one.)

I added the new contact sensor and went into its settings to configure notifications. I selected “Opens” and “Is left open” for 30 seconds. I tapped the back arrow, and re-entered Notifications to confirm my settings. Only the “Opens” setting was enabled. I have attempted setting “Is left open … 30 seconds” a number of different ways, and the app never saves that setting. (I’ve waited a few minutes before leaving the Notifications page. I’ve set and unset “Is left closed.” I’ve set 10 minutes, 5 seconds, etc.)

I also visited the Notifications page of my existing Contact Sensor, which has the “Is left open” setting active and working. The Notifications page shows “Is left open … 30 minutes” but I can not modify it (e.g., 5 minutes, 30 seconds, etc.) and have the new setting saved.

I opened ticket 567655 with Wyze Support. They have referred the issue to Development. I have not heard if anyone has been able to reproduce this issue.

Update: I noticed that my other sensor–the one that still displays the Notifications “Is left open … 30 minutes” setting as enabled–no longer sends me a notification when that sensor is left open for 30 minutes. That means the “Is left open/closed” options no longer work at all on my Wyze devices. Since nothing has changed with the old sensor itself, and the only change is the app, my guess is that the fault lies with the app.

Android app 2.10.79 (Updated on May 20 at 15:45 CDT. I guess .80 hasn’t rolled out yet?)

Contact sensor:
Pan Cam:


Ok great. I do have a Wyze band, but it STILL keeps trying to launch Alexa on a long press. I don’t use Alexa and won’t be using it. Have you been working on a way for me to disable the “long press launches Alexa” bug? Its not a feature if I don’t want it. Its quite annoying (and battery draining) to be resting my wrist on my other arm, chest, leg, etc., and it keeps vibrating & trying to launch something I do not use and will not be using. Sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night.

What is your solution to this Wyze? You are working on letting users disable this, correct?

How’s battery drain on the phone/tablet with this version.?

I’ve had predicable results with battery drain (x% a day). What functions or features are you using? Maybe it will help narrow down what needs to be fixed. Thanks!

Great, .74 version had battery drain issue.

Great, may we will see more feature in this update, what do you say guys

Today, I updated my tablet. All went smoothly and seems everything works.
Still have not checked the Playback yet.

edit: Initiated 2fa with Google Auth .seems working well.

Playback…my experience…When I first goto playback, V2 is authenticating. tried twice. then ok. But there is blue segments. even I have it. using left, right arrow s. no segements. Get out Playback and reenter. authenticated. moved red marker to early time. theblue seqments are showing up. play it. works well.

Playback seems has not waken up at the beginning unless you try again.

Good job :+1:@wyzeteam Noticeable improvements. Now I see Gmail Notifications coming through on Wyze Band

I have had the same issue. But some (older) sensor “left open” settings stick while more recently installed ones don’t. We tried different things but they are replacing the sensors. Not convinced it’s the hardware.

Thank you for confirming it’s not just me. :slight_smile:

In my older sensor, the “Is left open” setting is also displayed in the Notifications page, but it doesn’t work–I no longer receive notifications when the sensor has been left open that long.

Of course, I’ll update here if the replaced sensors still don’t work. Hopefully that’ll prod someone to take a look at the app.

just to give update on 2fa. if I have it ON. V2 tend to fail authenticate to connect.

I have to disable 2fa.

I got my replacement sensors, and the the behavior is the same (“left open”) setting does not “stick”. Among previously installed sensors where the left open setting is working, I’m finding that if i try to change the time open setting, the new setting does not stick - it reverts to the old setting! Am going to submit another support ticket.

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I’m so glad it’s not just me. I received my replacement contact sensors today. They both have the same problem as my other two. I’m adding this information to my ticket. Hopefully someone at Wyze will test this themselves so that they can see the problem is with the app.

Just observed an issue with this .80 version along firmware .111

The event audio started at about 40 secs previously before actual event. So event video is 40 sec after while audio playing is 40 sec earlier.

Quite a offset. Wyze server issue?