iOS App, Wyze Lock Firmware, and Wyze Plug Firmware Released - 8/4/20

We’re releasing iOS app 2.12.31 to fix a Wyze Band connection bug, Wyze Lock firmware to fix a frequent calibration loss bug, and are improving Wyze Plug connectivity and logs with firmware version today!

Read more in our Release Notes:


Anyone else having issues with your Wyze Cam Pan from the update? When I move the camera, it will stay in place for roughly 10 seconds and then return to a “start position”. All motion tracking, pan scan and motion tagging are turned off.

Hello. I updated my Wyze lock and now I am no longer getting “unlocked” notifications. I tried all the normal troubleshooting but still no luck. Anyone else with this issue? Any solutions?

The new firmware messed up my wyze plugs. The plug always shows “on” and can’t be switched to “off” although it’s actually off.

Sorry to hear about the trouble, folks! @joro.winn and @Droid, are these still issues for you?

For @ZZZZ, did this start yesterday/when you first did the firmware update or did this happen today? That may be the AWS maintenance issue.

Everyone is getting spammed with sensor notifications!! Server issues?

Yeah, AWS did maintenance today and it looks like things are coming back online. Sorry about that!

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It must have been the AWS issue, but I think my Wyze Lock notifications stopped before that. Everything is still broken for me. It started with the lock update and then not receiving lock notifications. I tried so much troubleshooting then my motion sensors got stuck and my rules stopped working. I’ve been resetting and rebooting and wasting hours. I’m going to have to redo everything. Wish it could have been avoided.

Thanks for the answer! I’ve turned my notifications back on.

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Our apologies! That sounds really frustrating. I’ll tag @WyzeJonathan in for the lock issues.

Dammit it’s happening again this is so annoying

Fyi, it seems after the AWS craziness that now the lock notifications are working again.

Yes. I am happy to share a video to provide a better understanding.


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I posted this for the community, but I thought you’d like to also see:

Firmware upgrade fails at 99% for Wyze Plug to

Again I have this problem where the upgrade fails at the 99% point. I tried to do the upgrade several times on 4 different Wyze plugs. Waited and watched the screen as the green bar goes slowly up to 99% then it says it failed. (See image below) Ugh.

I suspect there is a bug in the upgrade process because this is repeatable and has happened before.

To head off the usual Q’s - I tried unplugging, My app is up to date. I can see and use all the plugs with the app, etc., 2.4GHz used

On the last plug upgrade this happened too. I suspect there is something during the software CRC check process (confirmation value sent to Wyze). The reason I suspect this is because I can do the upgrade as follows: My network has a ISP router that I normally turn off the WiFi and a secondary router (Linksys) that I use for WiFi and hardwire connections. A simple “passthrough” setup. This router setup works fine for all my IOT devices and upgrades. All but the Wyze firmware upgrade work fine.

A clue: If I try the upgrade by temporarily using the ISP router WiFi it works! (Note: this is a pain because it requires I delete the plug, reinstall on the new WiFi, upgrade firmware and then delete and reinstall on the normal WiFi.

If the software engineers could look at the code and see what happens at the 99% point of the process they will most likely find the fix.

Thanks for reading.

It happened after firmware update yesterday, but they all work fine today.

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Same problem, here. Exactly as you described.