Wyze Lock Firmware Released - 4/20/20

We have a gradual rollout for our first Wyze Lock update starting today!

Here’s what changed in version

  • Added support for Trash Mode
  • Improved the Wyze Lock calibration process
  • Added a 24 hour open door status alarm
  • Changed the Bluetooth broadcast name

If you don’t see the update today, you should see it in the next week.

Read our Release Notes at:


Thanks for the update @WyzeGwendolyn


@WyzeGwendolyn @JonathanF thanks! does this fix the battery drain issue if door stays unlocked?


I haven’t got it yet, but I will keep a eye on it.:eye:

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@WyzeGwendolyn … I still haven’t even got the 2.1.13 lock update and I’m still on 2.1.11 from early release. In fact, in the Wyze app when I click on account/firmware upgrade, the lock isn’t even on the list. All my other devices are, but no lock. I think I used to see the lock gateway, but I don’t even see that now. Maybe because I’m on the beta App?


Exactly the same here.

@Ken.S, no (I just checked), but we are working on options for that.

@raym64 and @mrlinton1, the EA locks and the locks sent out after the general launch had slightly different firmware. Both are updating to but this is a gradual roll-out so you may not see it until next week depending on which batch you’re in.


So far the only way to find the lock firmware is through the lock settings portion, they have not set it up in the list yet.


My guess as to why the lock is not in the account, firmware list is because to update the lock you have to be within close proximity to it. Probably making a BT connection.

In the lock settings there is not a update firmware option like the cams either. It just shows the firmware version

Is there a minimum battery level for the update?


So I searched for how to use the Trash Mode features in your Wyze Lock support documentation and couldn’t find anything. Can you tell us how it works and how to enable it? Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn

I believe it’s in the auto lock part of settings. To use when door is locked unlock for 2 seconds then lock repeat two more times you’ll her a beeping when it switches to trash mode.

@WyzeGwendolyn I can’t seem to update the firmware. Support article outlines that I must be near (within Bluetooth range) of the lock. But for both of my Wyze Locks, I am practically right on top of them. I have access to other settings that require Bluetooth access, but I don’t see an option to update.

Hello @16cards and welcome to the community.

The lock firmware is a gradual roll-out, it will prompt you when the update is available for you.


We’re still slowly rolling this update out to folks. People not seeing it or not seeing Trash Mode while following the instructions in the support content likely don’t have it on their account yet. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the confusion!


Suggestion: Would be great to have the ability to make lock groups in future updates (similar to how we can make camera groups). Reason: would be great to create a rule for all locks in a group to auto lock at a set time at night (so you know your locks are locked before bedtime).

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Thanks for the update!

I am on and am waiting on .16. I purchased the unit last year… and have tried on wifi/off wifi… which connects w bluetooth. Have tried beta and non beta app which is newer than the beta app. I hope to get this soon as I would love to try the trash mode. I did load Voice in a Can for Apple watch and can now use my apple watch to open my door w a voice code… so that’s nice. Keypad is ordered but no shipping update yet