Firmware updates - Released 1/24/2024

We are releasing some firmware with security improvements. Please update Wyze Video Doorbell v1, Wyze Video Doorbell v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station firmware soon. The firmware updates require a minimum of the 2.48 app.

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


I successfully updated two V1 wired doorbells. It took almost 9 minutes to perform the update on each one. I have not had a chance to test any features yet, but live video seems to work.


New WCO Base firmware did not fix the issue of the cooldown period reverting to the default 1 minute cooldown. I had to reset all four cams to No Cooldown again after installing new base firmware. I guess we need a new cam firmware? :worried:

for you, even after reseting all cams to “no cooldown”, is it really no cooldown? because for me, even after changing it, it still acts as though 1 minute is still selected

I’ll have to test one of the cams since most of the events recorded are shorter than one minute. I am just recording the critters and they usually don’t stick around in front of the camera if there aren’t any snack for them to sit and eat. I’ll test one today.

@jozefd14 I tested one of my WCO v1 cams by waving my hand in front of it for 1:35 and all was recorded and reported. Cam set at no cooldown.

So try doing that again but not continuously for 1 minute… like wave several times stop… let the camera finish recording/uploads the clip… and then resume waving… that’s the issue I come across with. Like I get out of my car… it records that… but doesn’t record me going back to the car etc… because of the 1 minute cooldown.

I also have Camplus on my WCO V2s

You are correct I get all the different issues confused. I tested the cam as you said and only got one event video when there should have been 3. This is why I record to the cam SD also but now that looks screwed up. When I go to album it used to have a picture of the last video where it says Scheduled recording, now that is grayed out but the videos are there.

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Yea like the SD card recording is fine… but I’d like to see it on the events page since we’re paying for cam plus… I hope the fix is coming soon. I told Jason that recording on the SD card and no cooldown is fine, it’s just with cam plus that it’s stuck with the 1 minute cooldown period.

I did the firmware update and it ruined my camera. After the update it will not longer go online. I had to go and buy a new one. I’m not doing it on the others.

Hola. Yo actualicé mi Wyze CAM pan 1 y me dio error, no la puedo usar. Podrían soltar el software correcto porque no sirve el que tienen publicado para solucionar la luz amarilla fija en este foro. Por favor para no perder la fe en su marca.

For some reason after firmware update for my V3 cams, every other day they go down, like the light is a flashing Blue. I can fix it by unplugging then plug back. Is this a “bug”?