Firmware upgrade fails at 99% for Wyze Plug to

Again I have this problem where the upgrade fails at the 99% point. I tried to do the upgrade several times on 4 different Wyze plugs. Waited and watched the screen as the green bar goes slowly up to 99% then it says it failed. (See image below) Ugh.

I suspect there is a bug in the upgrade process because this is repeatable and has happened before.

To head off the usual Q’s - I tried unplugging, My app is up to date. I can see and use all the plugs with the app, etc., 2.4GHz used

On the last plug upgrade this happened too. I suspect there is something during the software CRC check process (confirmation value sent to Wyze). The reason I suspect this is because I can do the upgrade as follows: My network has a ISP router that I normally turn off the WiFi and a secondary router (Linksys) that I use for WiFi and hardwire connections. A simple “passthrough” setup. This router setup works fine for all my IOT devices and upgrades. All but the Wyze firmware upgrade work fine.

A clue: If I try the upgrade by temporarily using the ISP router WiFi it works! (Note: this is a pain because it requires I delete the plug, reinstall on the new WiFi, upgrade firmware and then delete and reinstall on the normal WiFi.

If the software engineers could look at the code and see what happens at the 99% point of the process they will most likely find the fix.

Thanks for reading.

I don’t have any good suggestions but a couple of comments.

What is the point of upgrading smart plug firmware anyway? I hope I never have to upgrade mine. They are mostly working.

Sometimes failed messages are wrong and the process actually succeeded. Is that possible in your case?

I’ve found it essential with the Wyze bulbs (not so much the plugs) to turn off mobile data on the phone during setup. That might help you.

The fact that you are doing double NATting certainly might be contributing to the issue. You might consider making sure your Linksys is acting only as a pass through switch and Access Point (preserving the gateway and DHCP range of the ISP router) and not as another router hop.

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I upgraded my firmware!

My upgrade failures were non-stop. Tried EVERYTHING! Then I read your post. Was trying different Wifi. *Noticed my Alexa noticed my attempts, no matter what.

The procedure, (that worked), was to update at my sister’s using her high speed DSL internet. :woman_shrugging:t3: *no Alexa that noticed

Hopefully in the future the upgrades will be compatible with high speed broadband. And determine if Alexa has anything to do with failures.

Hope this helps others. :blush: