Wyze Plug or Camera 2 will not update

I try to update the camera and the wyze plug via the app at does not work. It just spins updating then fails after a while. I tried resetting the plug multiple times and nothing. I just got it new and I can’t even use because every time I go on the screen it tells me to update.

Plug Version:
Camera V2 Version:

I actually had this happen to a brand new Wyze plug as well just the other day. My solution was to unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back in, then when I initiated an update it succeeded. Just make sure you don’t initiate an update right before you unplug it, I would wait a few mins.

Tried this, didn’t work. It shows the updating screen then failed.

When I have this issue, and its not uncommon. I unplug it, and bring it to my location within a few feet of the router to update. Then take it back. Pain but better than nuthin’

Tried that, didn’t work.