Android App 2.13.119 Released - 9/14/20

Hello, forum folks!

Today, we’re releasing Android version 2.13.119 to fix some bugs. This includes the location permission pop-up occurring multiple times, new devices not being available in the Event filter, and more.

Read our Release Notes here:


Unfortunately the constant notification going off every several minutes has not been fixed in this update.
This is extremely annoying and forced one to turn off the notification message alert.
Perhaps this can be reviewed.
I have Android Samsung S10E and Samsung J7 2017 and both have the same ongoing issues.
And yes location permissions are all allowed.

Thanks. Does this update fix the Name Your Price filter bug?

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sounds like this is an ongoing issue for you.

I had wndy days, the flower tree branches just keep triggering the alarm.

Anyone installed tge new App and happy?

You mean the update that did not fix the ongoing notification issue.
Did not really see improvements here.
Starting to get a little uneasy with these “updates”.

I’m happier with the new app.

Notification delay is still present with me.

Some old issues is back for me…
Viewing a group and returning to view another group just buffs untill I close and reopen the app to try again.

Thought the app reboot sometimes fails and I need to do a daily unplugging of each cam.

The notice of a snapshot being “saved to album” got turned off on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android 9, but not on my Samsung Galaxy A20, Android 9.