Get rid of "Wyze is running" notification?

On a Xiaomi Mi 9T, with android 10, there is a constant notification that says “Wyze is running”. I have also tried the beta version which does the same thing, except says “WyzeBeta is running”. Is this something that the development team is working on?

I have a Mi Band 4, which also needs the companion app to be running. No notification shows for it. That makes me assume it is possible.

toggle your notification off then back on in app settings

Didn’t work for me. I had to long press the notification and turn off DownStreamChannel notifications for the app.


Same is happening to me. I went to the app settings then turned off DownChannelService notifications.

Same problem here on a Samsung S10. This only started happening after the last update.

Are there any “real” notifications we are losing when we turn off “DownStreamChannel” notifications?

Why can’t they use normal English for their notification descriptions? What does DownStreamChannel mean anyway?

Supposed solution in here
< Wyze status icon on Android status tray - #2 by MarkR >

My research points to a Java source file of the same name, which is an interface to the Alexa Manager.

Personally, I don’t use Alexa, so would turn off that Notification, but then again, I have all Wyze Notifications OFF.

Tried some of these solutions, but I always seem to lose the actual camera notifications (the ones I actually want) when I turn stuff off. So it seems I’m stuck with this for now, until Wyze decide to do something, if ever.