Wyze status icon on Android status tray

Can anyone suggest how to get rid of the Wyze status icon in the upper left of the system tray on an Android?

This seems to have started showing up after a recent app update to beta 2.10.71.


I believe this is here due to the fact that the Android Wyze app now needs to run in the background so that it can communicate with various devices. Without the notification showing, there is a possibility that the OS could kill the Wyze app if resources were needed.

I got the same annoying status notification and here is how I got rid of it.

I swipe down and click on the WyzyeBeta notification then go down to and select Notifications, where I turn off DownChannelService which makes the icon go away. I don’t know what DownChannelService is so I turned it back on and the notification stays gone.


That worked. Thanks a lot for the tip.

My research points to a Java source file of the same name, which is an interface to the Alexa Manager.

Worked for me as well. Thanks!

I turned the DownChannelService OFF and then back ON. Now, the notification is repeatedly coming back. Does anyone know precisely what DownChannelService is? I’m fixing to kick it to the curb.

Yea. I have a reply briefly explaining it - AAMOF, my post is just above yours. I also replied in another thread

I suppose if it is just a notification, turning the notification OFF is a big #nothingburger.

I just would have expected Wyze to say somethin’ about it. Perhaps they did, and I just didn’t see it.