I do not have Wyze Band - How do I stop BAND background process? I don't need this running on my phone

I do not currently have a Wyze band and since I already have a smart watch that is integrated to my phone’s ecosystem, I do not need an additional device on my arm. How do I disable the Wyze band connection from running in the background? I do not need the app consuming phone resources

I thought there was just an update to stop that for people not using the band, I would check for an update.


Which operating system and version and which app version are you running?

Android 10
Samsung UI 2.1
Wyze App v 2.10.74

Thanks for any help you can provide

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There is no dedicated Band process similar to Google Wear OS and Galaxy Wearable, but you can reduce the Band-related resources in the Wyze app…

Go to system settings.
Open Apps.
Scroll down to Wyze and open it.
Open Notifications.
Turn off “WyzeBandService” and “DownChannelService” by tapping the on/off toggles.

Restart your phone.

You may also wish to visit the Google Play store and update your Wyze app to the latest version (v2.10.80).


Like @Seapup and @bam said the latest update v.2.10.80 should have fixed the issued with the band background process notification. I noticed the latest app has removed the DownChannelService notification. However, I have the wyze band so I still get the notification. @seapup do you still see the DownChannelService notification on v2.10.80?
If the latest app did not fix it, then you may need to submit a log and repond to the thread.