Wyze app on phone goes to a black screen

Sometimes when I go to look at my cameras on my phone I tap the camera icon the screen goes black
I have to pause app and then un-pause app and it will work and works fine this happens frequently I have deleted the WYZE app and reinstalled it still occurs. I have a Ring camera and never have this happen on their app.

Could you share a screen recording of this?

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To try to troubleshoot this and possibly isolate it, can you please post your App Version, your OS Version, and the make and model of the phone you are using. Also, is this specifically with one single cam model or different models?

I’ve had the same issue for months. I have a pixel 7 with Android 13. Done the same things with uninstalling the app reinstalling it. Just opened the Wyze app to look at the camera. All I got was a black screen when I clicked on the camera. I only have one Wyse cam OG. The firmware on the camera is up to date. I will force stop the app and clear the cache and it still doesn’t fix it. It works sometimes but most of the time I get the black screen

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You said a bad word… Pixel. There have been more problems of all flavors reported from running the App on the Pixel OS that it was a major decision point for me to stay with Moto when I upgraded my phone recently. I have never experienced this so I am at a loss to troubleshoot it. But, others who do have Pixels may read this and be able to help.

That is exactly the same problem I have but I have had my Pixel phone for over a year this just started about a month or so ago it is sporadic but it seems to happen more often lately. This only happens with the WYZEI camera I have a ring camera no problem.

Wyze app version Google Pixel 7. Android 13.

Camera firmware 1.0.67

That seems odd to me that Pixel is a bad word. According to reports they have sold about 30 million over the years. It would be hard to believe that no Pixel users use Wyze cameras. Certainly it is enough users to try to get things working, no?

I purchased this single camera as a test. If it can work reliably I will buy many more. Without it working properly, I am one and done.

Only because I read upwards of 2K posts a month and the Pixel, because of the way Google has built the OS, seems to have more than its share of posts about not playing nice with the Wyze App (or more correctly vice versa). No idea why. That is for the developers at Wyze. But I have seen a trend more than any other OS Build outside of iOS.

For anyone experiencing this issue, I recommend that you post your details in the Fix it Friday thread for this month. There is a light turnout this month so there is a good chance you can get some Wyze eyes on it by posting it there.

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