Wyze OG camera freezes on Android when trying to view

About half the time in the Wyze app when I go to view live feed, the screen goes to black. It freezes and you can’t return to the app.

Also, when viewing the SD card footage of recorded events why on earth did Wyze change to scroll from horizontal like all my the other Wyze cameras to vertical?

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Welcome to the “new” User Interface. All three of the newest cameras (OG (both), V3 Pro, & V3 Pan) use the new interface. Eventually most of the others will as well.

BTW, I am not fond of the new UI either,.

Welcome @wadewood07 , I am a community Volunteer and don’t work for Wyze.

Sorry to see you are having issues. Can you provide the following information:

  • What App Version are you using
  • What Device are you using to stream the cameras from
  • What is the Firmware of one of the cameras you are experiencing the issue with? Please include the Camera Model
  • Have you contacted Wyze and received a Ticket Number? If so, please provide it here
  • Have you created and sent a log? If so, please provide it here

Some of the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Start the App and Go to Account > App Settings. Then Clear Cache from here.
  2. Shut the App down by swiping up on the app from the OS
  3. If you are using Android: Long Press the Wyze App and Select App Info. Then Do a Force Stop, go to Storage and Cache and Clear Cache there as well. Shut Down the App Info Window by Swiping up on it.
  4. Restart the device you are streaming from.
  5. Connect and try again,

Wyze app version
device - Pixel 7
firmware - 1.0.63
contacted wyze - no
log? unsure how to do that.

basic steps - all completed.

for now, it is working.

New UI is dumb.

Glad it is working. Based on the version, is this the OG camera or OG Telephoto?

To take a device log, go to the actual device, click on the gear in the top right, scroll to the bottom select Wyze Support then submit log

It’s an OG Camera.

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Thanks. Will wait to see if you have anymore issues

i have the same issue, using a pixel 6a with the OG. if I force stop and clear cache it generally fixes the issue temporarily, but it always comes back. hope there’s a fix for this.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @GMAC85388!

In the Account Menu, under App Settings, enable the Hardware Decoder and see if that helps your cam Live Stream.


Thanks @SlabSlayer so far this seems to work consistently. I appreciate your help!

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You’re welcome! Glad it helped.