App Freezes

I did a timelapse with the outdoor cam. Now when I try to open the album and app goes white and freezes.

Using the phone app, one of my Outdoor Cam’s album is completely “white” as enerson.nathan reports. The app just hangs with the the album screen painting nothing on the screen.
I tried the following things:
(1) Removed the Camera and added it back - No Love.
(2) Flashed the Software back to October release - No Love.
(3) Reflashed the current firmware - No Love.
(4) Tried newly formatted SimCard - No Love.
(5) Tried SimCard from another working Outdoor cam - No Love.
(6) Removed App from my phone, and reinstalled app - No Love.
(7) Removing the SimCard. Same behavior - No Love - album still is “blank” for this camera

Note: The base station does not have a SimCard (but yes I tried a SimCard there, still no love).

I’m concluding that something is wrong with this Cam’s relationship with the Wyze Servers, the app seems to be waiting on something that never comes.

Yep. Wyze has issues with its app constantly freezing phones. Usually it’s on the scheduled recording page for me as well on iPhone. We had the last 2 updates wyze did. I didn’t notice it but whatever they changed last time has definitely caused phones to freeze again. I haven’t even had these things since sept and I’m almost done with them sooo many problems with wyze outdoors that having the app freeze too often it’s becoming not worth it to even try anymore