Wyze App - Group - black screen with V2 and V3 mixed

I have tried setting up several groups with the Wyze cams. I set up a group with V2 and V3 cameras together - when the phone is held in landscape view, the preview screen shows all of the cameras; however, when the phone is held in portrait view, only the V2 cameras show live shots, the V3 cameras show a black screen. Another group with just V2 and Pan cams shows the shots normally whether it be portrait or landscape.
Anyone else have this experience? It is more of an annoyance, but still it is an issue.


Yes, this was also discussed in the " Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Released - 12/28/20" thread as well.

I am having the same problem. Others are too.

This black screen problem is still persisting after the latest app update. All V3 cams show a black screen when viewed in group view. I’m using the Wyze app through Bluestacks on a Mac. iOS does not have the problem.

Hopefully there is an update to address this problem soon. It’s making the group views useless. I use them to keep an eye on the dogs around the yard and house.

The Android v2.16.55 version of the Wyze app fixes the black screen problem.

But the bug in initial app startup where it shows a black screen, and displays the home screen TWICE, is still there.

Thanks. I had to Google it. Looks like it was just made available today, but it wasn’t showing as an update in the play store yet.