Bluestacks not working for v2 cams after last update

I need help with the Bluestacks. I am not a computer whizz by any means as I am a Grandma and should be a great Grandma but not yet. Anyway I got a second Monitor and I was able to set it on connected to my Desktop to have two screens in use. One for viewing the cameras and the other for computer stuff. Love it but since the last update I cannot view my v2 cams. Anyone know who I can fix this problem?? Also I would like to View more then one cam at the same time and and not sure how to do that either. Hope someone might have an answer.

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You can group the cameras to view 4 at one time in the Wyze app. Here’s how:


What did you update? The Wyze app or the cameras? If only one of the other, update the other as well. You may be running into the 2.22.x app update which adds much needed features, but needs the cameras to update to work completely.


I’m not sure what your issues may be with BlueStacks but, the latest app version is 2.22.31 and I have updated to that version in BlueStacks ( I use it all the time) my cameras are updated to the latest firmware and I have no issues viewing my wyze cameras or clips or anything with the wyze app in BlueStacks
You can check here to see if you have your firmware up to date on your cameras.

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@HDRock, wasn’t there a recent report here on the forum that BlueStacks needed to be updated also after the V2 fw update?

I am not aware of a report on the forum about BlueStacks needing to be updated and there has not ben any updates for BlueStacks in quite a while.
If someone has not used BlueStacks in quite awhile they may need to update.
I use BlueStacks frequently and I keep it updated.
If you are using BlueStacks and you are not keeping it updated you might have problems, I don’t have any issues with all my wyze app and firmware updated to this date.
If you have a link to the recent report you speak of here on the forum please post it here, Thanks

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I believe your thinking of tiny cam. The recent updates broke streaming of some cameras. But I remember seeing that tiny cam updated their beta to fix the streaming and catch up to the changes Wyze made.

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@Omgitstony, yes, thank you sir, I think you are right - and I was wrong about Bluestacks it was Tinycam. Good catch there. Hats off :slight_smile: Thanks for stepping in, the entire point is accurate info here.

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The problem started after Wyze did their last update. I waited a few weeks to see if it might resolve itself but it did not. Bluestacks is up to date on its version and so are all my cameras. It is just the v2 that do not work anymore on Bluestacks. I have two v3 sitting here so I guess I will just have to replace the two v2s that do not work and call it good and use the v2s in a place I do not look at on my monitor. Thanks all for the attempt to help me out. Have a good day. Oh and I also unpluged the cameras. I have not tried to reinstall so I may try that… But I think that means I have to get the ladder out… Darn…

What is your version number for the wyze app in BlueStacks ?
What is your version number for the firmware on your V2 cams ?

Blue stacks is just an emulator program that allows you to run an android app in a Windows PC environment. The program itself does not allow you to view Wyze cameras, you either have the Wyze app or tiny cam running within BlueStacks to view your cameras. Please provide the information that @HDRock asked above.

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Thanks you for the info. I got it to work to see more then one camera…

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@Barb863, Good. How? You can pay it forward by sharing specifically so others save the pain. Please.


Are you now able to view your V2 cameras with the wyze app in BlueStacks ?

Same configuration. I had the same issue, you need to update the app inside Blue Stack.


I use Bluestacks and it works for both V2 & V3 cams.
Bluestacks version
V2 version
WYZE app version 2.23.21

I use the TinyCam app for viewing the cameras, including WYZE, because of it’s flexibility. I use the WYZE app for specifics like firmware updates and recording access.

Would like to know also how to update the bluestack app to allow V2 wyze cameras as these cameras still have the best sound

Everything still works just like it did a year ago now running the latest versions of the WYZE app and TinyCam thru Bluestacks.
Bluestacks version 5.9.410.1002
WYZE app version 2.31.0 (145)
V2 Cam version
V3 Cam version

re: how to update the bluestack app

go to Bluestack home page

click on Play Store

search for Wyze

click “Update”