Bluestacks not working with V3 Cameras after latest Firmware (

After the latest firmware upgrade Bluestacks will no longer show the V3 Cameras. Now they say I have to flash each camera with the last firmware to get it to work again… So if you use Bluestacks to View your cameras, DO NOT UPGRADE!!!

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Welcome to the forums! What app are you using with BlueStacks to view the cameras? Tiny cam or the Wyze app?

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Wyze app…

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What version of the Wyze app is on your BlueStacks? Do you use the Wyze app on any other device and do the v3s work on that?

Who’s “they”?

Wyze support…

If anyone figures out how to make V3 Cams work with Bluestack, please let me know. I like looking at the Cams on a big desktop screen. Or it there another Windows compatible app that will let me view my Cams I’d like to know that please.