Wyze cam Pro v3 wont show up on Bluestacks 5 emulator

Installed my wyze cam pro v3 via my Samsung Ultra, went like a dream and it installed without any problems. via the wyze app pro v3 shows up on my samsung
I also have the PC Bluestacks 5 emulater that is running my wyze app without to many problems. sometimes it will crash but restart and it runs fine, its all still working ok, but its not showing up the new cam pro v3 camera lamps and plugs are all working as they should except the cam pro v3 . what am I missing, do I need to install it on the wyze app emulater

So you don’t see the device at all on your device list? Or you can see the device, just the live stream or whatever doesn’t work?

What version of the app is running on BlueStacks? That app may be of an old version that was released before the v3 pro was released, which is why it’s not showing up.


Well Duh me…It was the app I’m that used to auto-update.
went into the app store on Bluestacks and there was an update. updated and the camera showed up on relaunch…
Thanks Omigitstony

for reference, the camera didn’t show up in the app at all