Wyze app on my android keeps logging me out

I have been using Wyze for years and years, since their very first camera product.
Every morning when I wake up, I load the Wyze app on my Android phone and turn on my lights.
And every night, before I sleep, I load it and turn off my lights.

Recently, in the last few weeks, when opening the app, it asks me to login. I never had this problem before, I would stay logged in forever.

Now I am being asked at least once a week to login, and my passwords are saved using a password manager that is not on my phone.
So it is incredibly annoying to have to visit my (usually turned off PC by this time) to retrieve my Wyze password so that I can load my account and turn off my lights.

Has Wyze just become too big for its britches and I should just abandon my Wyze bulbs and plugs and go back to using the analog switches on them? Or can someone tell me why my Wyze app has gone from the lifesaver it has been for years to a royal pain in the neck.

Thank you for any feedback or advice you can provide.

P.S. If your suggestion is to install my PW manager on my Android, that is not what I want, and will not help me with my concern, so please don’t bother replying with that suggestion.


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If you were using Android and enrolled in the Beta App program, then this was a known issue for that Beta app version: 2.45.0.b333

Wyze just released an updated beta app release candidate that should’ve fixed that problem:

Make sure you update the newest Android Beta version and you shouldn’t be getting logged out anymore. If you still end up getting logged out after updating to 2.45.0.b339 then please submit a log and go post the log number in the above thread…but if you are just talking about the previous beta app, Wyze was aware of this and already seems to have fixed it, you just need to update to the latest beta and it will be resolved.

Also, keep in mind, if you are having issues with a Beta app, you should be posting about it in the beta thread that is specifically about that update so that it doesn’t confuse people in the forum who are using the public app version. If any of that is confusing, it can be good to unenroll from Beta so that you have a more solid experience without experiencing bugs that are more commonly introduced in beta testing versions like this.

Hope that helps. Let us know if that is what was going on, or if you are experiencing this on another version of the app other than that Android Beta App, so we can make sure to let Wyze know if it was something different.

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