Wyze app 2.45 Release Candidate Test 8/29/2023


  • Android: 2.45.0.b339
  • iOS: 2.45.0(6)

What’s New:

  • Added support for AI-only Events and notification settings on Wyze Cam OG
  • Fixed the bug that logged out users after updating the app
  • Fixed the bug that prevented sound when playing Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Event Videos on 2X or 4X speed (Android-only)
  • Fixed the bug that prevented successful loading after Cam Plus and Cam Protect users opened Friendly Faces (iOS-only)
  • Bug fixes

Installed on one Android device. Will install on all other devices as soon as I am home.

So far, seems to be working fine, but have not done extensive testing yet.

Will also install and test on my iOS device when home.


I installed on all devices including iOS without issues. So far everything seems to be working as expected. Will see if I have to logon tomorrow.

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IPhone X 2.45.0(6) Cam OG 1.0.67
This App version continues the error of not recording a Cam OG event when the RECORDING PREFERENCES are set to “Smart Detection Events” and one or more of the “Customize Recordings” options is selected and the App is closed but still running in the background. However, if the App is open and the the Cam OG live view is displayed when motion is detected and the above settings are active, the event will be recorded.

If the App’s RECORDING PREFERENCES are set to “All Events,” the app records the applicable events when the app is open or closed.

I was just informed this release should fix the issue of Android users getting logged out multiple times, so please let me know if you continue to get logged out. If you do after logging in can you send in a log and give me the log number.


Where can I get the app to install on my laptop ( I use sub system for android ) Since the 29th I haven’t been able to log in thru my laptop to the app… I can log in to the app on my phone… Thanks !

You can find various versions of the Wyze App here.


If you have the Google Play Store loaded under Windows Subsystem for Android on your laptop and you are part of the Wyze app beta group, you should see version 2.45.0.b339 in the Play Store. If not, you can download the 2.45.0.b333 beta .apk from APKMirror:


Thanks Steven ! I installed the latest version they had and I’m good again ! Appreciate it !


Almost forgot to report that Power Saving Mode for BCP in group mode has been fixed under this beta RC version. Good job! :+1:

Ref: Introducing Wyze Battery Cam Pro - 8/1/2023 - #71 by Seapup


For iPhone X and for CamOG under Event Recording, cannot select All Events by clicking its dot circle icon. I cleared the cache, signed out, closed the app, force closed app, and signed back in with the same result. However the app did change to All Events by deselecting the the Smart Detection Events icon.

See log 1168475

My observation, as noted in a prior entry for this thread continues to exist; i.e., the app will not record a smart event when the Smart Detection Events mode is active and the app has been closed but is still active.

Too bad you need a credit card to download :slightly_frowning_face:

No you don’t need a credit card to use apkmirror. I use it ALL THE TIME and have never needed a Credit card to download anything. If it asks for a credit card it is because you accidentally clicked on one of the ads instead and the ads are trying to scam you making it think it is part of the apkmirror website. I know it can be tricky. Don’t just click anything that says “Start Now” or "Download now.

If you go to this link:


Then click the button that says “DOWNLOAD APK” as shown by the arrow in this screenshot:

That will trigger this link (which you can just click this if you want to start the download for free directly):


Don’t click the ADS that say “Download” or “Start Now” or whatever. They are talking about something completely different.


I will try again later. It is not easy for me to use long urls with my remote. Whenever I asked for the download, it said I needed to start an account and that required the card. I hope this can work as otherwise getting the APK is a pain.

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I got a little further. I did not want the beta version so I downloaded the standard APK but it did not ask me to install it. When I checked, the version I have is still 2.38. I’ll try again later.

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It downloads the .APK file and saves it to your default download folder. You then have to go there and click the file from within your file explorer to launch the install. You may also be required to set your permissions to allow your file explorer to launch installation files.


I did see the file there but it seemed that the extension was not .apk (maybe .apkx?). I’ve never changed a file name, but maybe if I drop the extra letter it will install.

You probably selected the .apkm file which you don’t want.

The beta .apk file is here: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/wyze-labs-inc/wyze/wyze-2-45-0-b333-release/wyze-make-your-home-smarter-2-45-0-b333-2-android-apk-download/download/?key=3cbb7e0eb3993c7c37f6761167112c78176e1c8b&forcebaseapk=true

The link above has a short expiration timer. Not sure how short, but if clicking the link results in “expired”, go to the source page and click the big teal-colored “Download APK” button.


I will try the beta version later.

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I have finally been successful in upgrading the Wyze app !!! I tried the beta 160-640 dpi and it downloaded another .apkm file but when I tried the no dpi, it downloaded “and” installed it OK. I kept the page for future upgrades (I don’t expect it to self upgrade) as long as I remember which one to use😉.
Thanx All