Android keeps getting logged out from the Wyze app. What are the possible reasons?

The android device is getting logged out every week or so. It’s not due to inactivity. Why could this happen? New unrecognized networks?

what device are you using? and what do you mean by “unrecognized networks”?

I’m on android and have not had this issue

It’s an old Motorola android. This doesn’t happen on my iPhone. Unrecognized networks as in multiple different open networks.

Every week or so would be great to me. On iOS I crash daily. I heard there is a security logout once a week, but I have never experienced that. Can’t get that far, lol.

there’s nothing I know of on the Wyze end of things such as a security log out as you mentioned @Newshound

and I had heard of this being an issue for some ( a small minority) Iphone users at times, to which most of us thought it was an Iphone security thing ( because that would be an apple “logical” thing to do) but I don’t believe a cause was ever found and I don’t know apple well enough to even guess at their security structure on their devices.

I have a newer android and I have not once had to log back into the app. I also connect to quite a few other networks and have still not had this issue. ( when I’m on duty, we go to quite a few hospitals and other places that have quite secure but open networks for visitors)

for now about the only hope you might have is to open tickets/ send in logs.

@Thiswontworkugh what version of android is on that device?

(Update,) upon a quick search I did find this…

Loki posted a response here a while ago…maybe it could give some insight

It was one of Loki’s posts where I got the 1 week forced logout. I have never gotten that far:

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hmmm I missed that one. you know who we need to hear from on this?

@Loki is there a login timeout? is it maybe just an apple thing? I’m on android and have never been logged out. I logged in on my first setup and made my account and have not touched it since.

Same here been running on Android since the first day I setup the first cam and have not been logged out since

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FWIW my wife and I have the same model Android phone but she is constantly logged out of the Wyze app while I have never had to sign in since I first set up the cameras. We use a shared password manager so the password is autofilled, but it’s odd.

If I launch the Wyze app without an internet connection it simply displays a message saying “No internet connection” and waits at the Wyze logo screen until I connect to WiFi or re-enable cellular data.

Yes, it’s 7 days. But that’s 7 days of inactivity on the device.

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ahhh ok. only with inactivity. thank you for the clarification.

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