Wyze app forced logout/ token expiration (UX issue)

Hello Wyze people. I’m having a significant usability issues with the app forcing log out. I understand it’s a ‘feature’ However, it’s preventing me from recommending the product to friends and family and is generally super annoying . Wyze team has contacted me but I don’t see any info about a resolution.

This is been posted on Reddit by me and others so I’ll just include the link here . Bottom line when you count on a security system to notify you of motion activities or a door or window open and you have to log in in a moment of panic, it’s seriously undermines the utility. Products are awesome, this is authentication needs work.

Reddit post on Wyze log outReddit post on Wyze log out

That link didn’t take me directly to any post.

@pubhead, I can see why you’re concerned about being force logged out all of the time (I would be, too). Is this thread relevant to what you’re experiencing?

Please keep this in mind. The current Wyze devices are not sold or marketed as security devices. They are sold as smart devices. Please see Section 3 (Limited warranty and disclaimers) of the “Terms of Service

Sorry, try this : https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/bso1l9/logged_out_of_wyze_app_frequently/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app


Thx for the reply. First, i guess in technical/ legal terms, if its not considered a security product, there’s not much to say/ no leg for me to stand on there… . However, I think it is reasonable to accept that Wyze cam is positioned/ reviewed/compared to others as a home security product & line of products ( especially when adding in Sense).

I’m simply saying that because of the forced logout issue ( confirmed by Wyze employee as a token expiration feature) the utility and user experience is impacted. Significantly, no matter what you classify it as.

I’ll have to test the steps in the link you provided to see if I am able to reproduce. Could be another reason I’m having to log in all the time. Thanks again for your guidance.

I did some testing and I cannot tie my log out issue to connecting or disconnecting from Wi-Fi /cellular ( per the referenced post). While at Home this weekend, I used multiple devices open the Wyze app . On iOS (2018 Ipad) , the app forced me to re-authenticate 1 day after I had used it. On android, a Samsung galaxy phone, i’m still logged in after three days. But I expect it to log me out…

I do not have this issue in the applications for several other competing services ( I was considering migrating from them but now that’s on hold ). I’m also holding off purchasing both cameras and the sense kit for family members until this issue is resolved.

Well I wanted to update this post with a solution. I haven’t read the read me on the Updates for the app but it seems like I haven’t been logged out in at least three months! Yeaa, @Marcin team I thought you do it and I was right. I would like to know technically what changes were made with the token expiration and how long I should expect to be logged in? I’m ready to go ahead and start recommending these cameras again to my family and friends and I can tell you I have at least 12 to sell for you :slight_smile: you’ve restored my faith in Code :slight_smile: and Wyze.

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I wouldn’t put too much faith in Wyze they seem to be quite lacking in security features.