App Requires Login...Everytime..?

Someone is at the door; I hear a sound outside; an animal traipses past; countless other scenarios where I want to view a given WyzeCam live stream fast.

The Wyze App thwarts any hope of that. I used to simply open app and tap a camera thumbnail—just two movements to access a camera live stream.

Presently, the Wyze App doesn’t cache creds. Instead it prompts for creds each time the app is opened. If you’ve enabled 2FA, add those steps to the log in math. Why? I’m already authenticated by the device security. Why must I provide additional creds, 2FA, and 30-day device reauthentication? Bogus.

With each update Wyze corporate push existing customers toward a home DVR/DDNS security system.

Make sure your phone is not causing that. I go months between logins on either phone or my tablet.


Not experiencing this either. I log in and never have to go through authentication unless I select Log out.

Do you have something enabled to clear cache?

I had this issue when I was using a VPN. If you are not using a VPN, try deleting the app, restart the device, reinstall the app. I also know that some WiFi router have settings that randomly alter the IP address of your device. I do not know if that is what triggers the app to log out, but it’s worth investigating.


I agree, if you’re using a VPN, that is likely the problem. Or if you are using another resource cleaning app of some kind. I am not sure what options there are on iOS, but there are several on Android that will clear out app cache automatically.

I have 2FA active and I haven’t had to log in to my Wyze app for many months if not more than year on some of my devices. It definitely doesn’t automatically clear the cache for me and I don’t have to log in every 30 days or whatever. There is definitely something abnormal happening here.