Persistent Login (Getting logged out of the app)

Is it just me, or does the app sign you out whenever you disconnect from data and WIFI. (It requires you to sign back in when you reconnect to WIFI or data)

Steps to reproduce on IOS:

  1. Login
  2. Close the app by swiping up in IOS
  3. Disable Wifi and Data
  4. Re-open Wyze App
  5. Turn Wifi and data back on
  6. you have to re-enter your password to access Wyze app.

Is there a way to enable persistent login, so even when there is no network connectivity it will not sign you out?

I can reproduce this with qualification: it only does this if you “cold start” the app while not having a data connection. In other words,…

  1. if you don’t force-quit the app and you return to it without data connection, it will remain logged in a try (unsuccessfully) to access the cameras, or

  2. If you force quit the app, but don’t try to launch it until you once again have data connection, it does not require login.

This is, I believe, because when the app cold starts, the first thing it does is check the current credentials. This is a security measure. If that fails it goes to the login page. This can be avoided by not launching the app from a cold start without internet.

Due to the security nature of this, my guess is that it’s not going to change. However, given the limited conditions in which it occurs, it really shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Also, by the way, the app does allow the use of iCloud Keychain for login credentials entry. So if you have your credentials stored in iCloud Keychain, you can enter them that way without having to type the password.


This frequent logout is an irritant for me, since I have MFA enabled. I have shared my account in my mother’s phone and the app there keeps getting logged out, even though I have keychain password enabled, she has to reach out to me to get the passcode from Authenticator app.