Forced logout – cant log back in ( credentials error) on IOS 15.6.1

All of a sudden ( no recent updates to app or IOS) I was logged out. I attempted to log back in. Getting log in error. Resetting password didn’t help – all this on IOS 15.6.1. ( delete / reinstalled app – no change). Log in works on I pad and Mac OS – kind of useless as I can’t monitor cameras while on “the road”
Opened a ticket with help desk – nothing as of now
Any suggestions ?

Please power off your IOS phone, and then power it back on. That might fix the problem. If not, did you log out on your I pad and Mac OS, and then log back in? With no problems?

Hi - I already power off / on I phone; also done a soft reset. Didn’t help
On the iPad and Mac, I log - off / in with no issues.
The issue is on Iphone only

Do you have Cell Data turned on in your iPhone settings? My cell data works from any location in the country if the phone does not have a wi-fi signal.

Cell data is on ( so I can monitor alarms when in town).

I’m using iOS 15.6.1 and Wyze app 2.34.1 (1) on my iPhone without out any issues even after setting up 2FA recently. What does the log in error say? You should just call support at 206-339-9646 but I don’t know why you could sign in on other devices and not the phone, it’s the same app and same account correct?

I assume you are trying to log into the WYZE app???

I am on IOS 15.6.1. Can’t check Wyze app version; however is the latest ( installed weeks ago - best recollection). Had NO issues until 2 days ago. Message: " Login failed Invalid user name or password. ( Credentials are correct )
Called support; opened ticket. So far no response,
Thanks for your feedback.

Make sure you don’t have a VPN


IT WORKS ( disabled VPN) thank you.
In the past I did have the VPN on. Perhaps should disconnect VPN only when log in ??
Something to keep in mind.
Again, many thanks

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That’s odd ! I’ve have never turned the VPN off on any iOS device or my windows PC and I’ve never had an issue connecting to anything WYZE.

I agree with you on the VPN. For what it is worth, in the past I used Norton’s VPN and had issues with IOS updates: had to disconnect to install.
Now I am logged in VPN ( using Nord VPN since July) - Noises with Wyze or any other apps