Forced Logout and Now Invalid Credentials -- iOS App Version

I recently updated the iOS app to After the update I was logged out, no biggie, so I attempted to log in using my Password Manager app to sign in, and now it says invalid credentials. I attempted to login to the Wyze website account using that same app and those same credentials, and it logged right in. So, I know my credentials are correct. This is copy and paste from a password app, no user error.

Has anyone else had this issue? As of right now I am not able to log in and obviously can’t use any of my Wyze services.

Update: Update: Interestingly I am receiving motion alerts and when I tap them I can see them and watch the video…but when I tap the downward arrow to go back to the main screen showing all devices, it shows me the login screen again. Bizarre.

Strange, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Thanks

Thanks, I tried that. No cigar.

Last night WyzeJason reached out and asked me to try again, after apparently implementing some sort of back end fix. This has now been fixed, at least for me.

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I am still having this issue: Credentials not recognized on IOS ( 15.6.1); reseted password; deleted / reinstalled up; spoke twice with help desk - still having the issue.
Log in works on my iPad; can log in on Mac book

Make sure your VPN is disabled