iOS app does not remember password after installing app updates

After installing ios updates of the Wyze Cam app, the password needs to be re-entered.
The Wyze Cam app is the only app that I have to do this on. It’s quite annoying.

How do I file a bug report?


Welcome to the community @cappy2112

To submit a ticket you can either Call or use the Chatting service. Go here and scroll to the bottom and select the options which works for you:

Also, start the app, go to Account and then scroll to the bottom and then click on Wyze Support. Then submit a log, you will get a log number which will help as well.

I’m using iOS 15.6.1 and my WYZE app 2.33 works just fine. Are you using a different iOS app?


I"m currently using 2.33 also, but have had this problem ever since I started using the app, over a year ago,

I have some apps that require a login after an update, it seems to be random though. Probably not a huge deal though since your not updating your phone super often.

If you want to report it please do, contact support like was said above. thanks!

I am not sure if this is a “Bug”. Most likely an Apple Requirement for allowance of the Wyze app in the App Store, but this has been discussed a number of times over the years.

Essentially with each Wyze App update on the iOS platform you are logged out and are required to reauthenticate once the Wyze App is updated and launched for the first time.

You do not see the same experience on Android.

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If you delete the app before upgrading, then the app is new, and needs to be set up as new. But if you simply upgrade, you should not see this on iOS.

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I also dont see this on any other app i need to sign in with

Do you at least see iOS telling you that you can select a logon from your keychain? That works for me when installing a new app. Thumbprint or face ID does the trick.


Sorry for the delay replying, I didn’t get notification that someone replied.
I don’t have the PW stored in the keychain, it didn’t give me an option to save it there.

This sucks that the app doesn’t remember it.

I never delete the apps before upgrading, that never even occurred to me.
I always just upgrade.

Some people delete the app, after which the app will forget your logon until it is re-educated. Just making sure that wasn’t your issue.

IMO deleting the app is only something to try if you are experiencing unexplained issues. So you might try it here.

The reinstalled app has to be set up like new (“do you authorize Bluetooth”, etc), but the setups for your Wyze devices are saved on the server, so you only need your user ID to get those back.

What model device are you using, and what iOS version?