Iphone ios 15 login Again - Logout Bug

After installed the latest update app, I logged in Wyze app, see Get Start page. went well. Login account. 2FA etc.

Yes, Can see and App function normal. Just close it. Not Log Out account.

Problem is …

In a day or two, I start Wyze app and the Wyze Start Page shown up and ask me to log in again.
It is inconvenient at all.

Submitted ticket.

Anyone experiencing this and any work around ? Without killing password .

I saw the same thing and rolled back to an earlier version of the app. (I’m in the beta program though.)

I cannot roll back because it is ios. I do not think I can sideload.

If you join the beta program and install Test Flight for IOS you can roll back.

It seems the issue is when user clicks the events to play. The App failed to recognize the security.

I don’t think I will try beta at all as stable release is already troublesome.

IOS funny business

WYZE app kept asking to log in app, so I was tired of it nonsense. I just let it un log in.

There was an event today, and I got an notification.

WHY IS Wyze logging out ios user?