Wyze app mutes iOS sound with OG camera

The iOS app mutes the iOS sound (music, podcast, etc) when viewing an OG camera or a camera group containing an OG camera. It does it even if the OG camera(s) are muted. It doesn’t mute anything when viewing v3 or v3Pro cameras

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I believe the reason for this is the way the OG Cams handle the audio stream. For whatever reason, the OG Cams are using the Phone Call audio stream rather than one of the other audio delivery channels (music, notification, media, alarms, etc.).

It has been reported by several other users in the threads linked below. By default, most phones will mute or suspend all other audio channels when a phone call is in progress. Since the OG is using that channel, the phone reacts in the same manner.

I have not read anywhere that there has been confirmation of this from Wyze or if a fix or update is eminent.

Here are the other threads reporting it:

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