Live Stream Audio Plays via Phone Call Volume

I recently purchsed two Wyze OG cameras to use as baby/child monitors around the house. The volume playback when live video is streaming in the app on mobile devices is extremely quiet. I think I have narrowed it down to this cause (very non-technical explanation!):

It seems that the app, with this particular camera model only, is instructing mobile devices to utilize phone call functionality and volume instead of separate media volume settings. The audio plays through the earpiece as if the device is against your ear, and not via the speaker the way social media sound and personal videos recorded do when you play them. I noticed that the live stream audio actually connects and plays via Bluetooth in my car through the car’s phone connection, and displays a call time, as if there is an active phone call happening. This does not occur with any of my older Wyze camera models. I did notice that the older models I have don’t seem to utilize two-way intercom–they broadcast the sound from the app through the camera speaker, but then must disconnect the intercom in order to allow for audio from the camera to be heard in the app.

In addition, this is clearly not a router or connectivity issue or the camera’s body mic having issues, as this occurs with both of the OG cameras equally, AND the playback of the audio in the event video that is captured plays loud and clear over the mobile devices’ media volume/speaker function–there is no phone call involvement.

I know many people only use the Wyze camera’s for visual-only security cameras, but for those that love to use these great little cameras for children/pet/elderly monitoring, having the sound in the live stream virtually impossible to hear is extremely problematic. I do own quite a few other non-Wyze brand products that have similar functionality with two-way conversations (i.e. video doorbells) and they do not launch a phone call in their app software.

Similar/same issue from 2020: Wyze app makes phone think audio is phone call