Clicking on a camera loads video feed at full volume, even with volume muted

As described in the title.
Clicking on a camera in the WyzeCam app opens the feed at full volume when my phone is set to silent.

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I believe the mic is always active in the camera. It is your individual device which is, or is not muting the audio. Even when record audio is set to off, the microphone is still active in the camera but is simply not recording the audio. I know this is not a solution to your problem but you may have to turn down the volume on your phone before accessing the camera feeds until a remedy is found in your particular case.

I’d like to know what you find to be the error and solution, as well as, it may be helpful to other users. Please keep us posted.

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What is happening is I am muting my phone (Turning my volume all the way down to 0) and then starting the WyzeCam app.
When I click on one of my camera feeds it automatically turning up the volume on my phone to Max Volume.

Anyway to stop that happening?

WyzeCam app version 2.1.17 (Android)

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Is this a V1/V2, or a Pan camera?

Same issue here.

I have (2x) V1 and (2x)V2 and it is happening on all cameras. Really strange.

V1 firmware:

V2 firmware:

The latest firmware for the V2 I believe is
You might want to update it through the app under device info.

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@Tuna, @stevepagdin’s V2 firmware IS the higher version for the beta app. :slight_smile:

Yes I’m running the Beta app and the latest firmware.

Hello all,
I’m trying to find the setting in the app that allows me to disable the “doink” sound that is made when you make a Live View connection to a camera. I lower all the audio settings on the phone. but when I connect to a camera it makes that connection sound rather loudly.
Cams: v1 and v2
App: Android v2.1.17
Phone: LG V30

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I’m unclear on what sound you are referring to. Is this sound coming from the app, or the camera?

From the App. It sounds like the same issue as this user is having. Clicking on a camera loads video feed at full volume, even with volume muted

@BarryS441, merging your post with this one.

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I am also having this issue. Viewing the live feed of a camera unmutes the media setting on my Android phone. Using the beta version of the Wyze app.

I may want to put this as a separate issue but seems related…
When my phone is connected to my Ford Sync in the car (Bluetooth), if I open the WyzeCam app and click on a camera it dials my own number (comes up on the screen of the car as if I’m dialing myself!!)

Really bizarre.

My phone is set to mute 100% of the time. Wyze is the only app that comes on with sound automatically. When I go thru my events, every video plays at full volume. It is strange.

All, I have been told this is a known bug, and the fix is in the testing phase now. :slight_smile:


Thanks DPR.
Do you know if this fixes the issue with car I explained a couple posts back (dialing my number) also?

Hmmm, missed that somehow. It appears to be like this issue, and I believe Wyze is working on fixing it. I’ll try to ping them and see if that is the case.

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Same here. This latest build seems to have some issues.