Wyze App is stuck on Wyze Vacuum

Main screen for Wyze vacuum on Wyze app is stuck. The Area, Battery level and time does not change and it says that the vacuum is cleaning even when it is charging.
Any ideas?


What type of device are you using and is it Android or iOS?

Edit: see your profile says Android. What tripe of device do you have?

I’m having the same issue. I believe the vacuum got hung up on a curtain before it ran out of juice. I then picked it up (per its instruction) and moved it to the charger. But the status screen still thinks it is cleaning. I deleted the map, then the device, and even the app to no avail.

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i have exact same problem vac says charged but app says 11 percent
stuck on cleaning in app push pause and then stop stays on cleaning
i have deleted device
i have re added device
i have deleted map
i have updated firmware
I have restarted phone

app still says cleaning
i hit pause
then it still says cleaning
multiple times pushing a stop second button briefly appears sometimes stays sometimes disappears
if it stays i say stop
it says returning to charge station
app will not send log file
white lights solid
app says returning to charge
vac is right up against charger
charger has blue light
fan shows turning on app

ok so fiddling with the app i have the machine working again… the app says 11 percent but it has the cleaned for over an hour at 11% so the battery charge is not working on app also room size not changed and
no rooms being labeled … No way to get the unit to visit missed rooms… IE one had a door closed so never entered and has not mapped… how do i get it to now visit the room unless i have to delete map and let it start from scratch with the doors open.

how do i get it to avoid a rug
how do i get it to avoid a table it gets stuck under
how do i set up a do not enter area

the app clearly appears to be the problem at this time…

i have not been able to open top cover to empty… like it is stuck
i do not want to pry it open …(don’t want to damage it)


Same issue for me. No matter what I have done the app still shows cleaning with no updates on battery charge even with fully charged vac. Please provide a fix because this is pretty much bricking these devices.


Having the same issue as everyone! This sucks. Can’t even remote start the vacuum.

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I have the same issue that others have described. if no response or resolution, I might have to return it.

Is anyone else seeing that the counters appear to be working?

Here’s what I did… don’t know if it had any affect or it’s coincidence:

Earlier, I pressed the power button on the vacuum and manually started a clean. (My map was clear). It did most of the house, enough to create rooms.
It returned automatically to the dock to charge.
After a couple hours, I set a new scheduled clean to start ASAP, in just a couple rooms.
While it was cleaning, I attempted to add a virtual wall. It would not let me do it, and kicked me out of that screen every time…
Then I noticed that the counters had changed, and seem to be current.

Edit: The counters are not current. They changed, but time and area are not elapsing and the battery is not going down.

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I’m having the same issue. Battery, timer, and status values do not change, but the cleaning records are correct under the respective menu. So far nothing has resolved it.

I removed it from my device list and re-added it by following another setup and it still bugs out and shows it cleaning.

Cleared the map to no avail and a reboot did nothing. Vacuum works just fine, so I’m assuming it’s strictly app-related. I hope they update soon as this is rather disappointing.

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I have an update. I have opened a ticket and Wyze is working with me to resolve. A new version is on the way and I believe this problem will be fixed for everyone soon. Hang in there! Other than this app hang this vac seemed to really be a great device!


Same issue here, my vac ran out of juice before making it back to the dock, and hasn’t updated its status in the app since then.

The vac did charge overnight after being stuck at 11% for the day
the app shows it as now at 100% and the map has modified itself and not displaying the area it cleaned before going to recharge.

THe machine had trouble finding home… to recharge a lot of trouble… it got close and then continued to move back and forth and circle and back up and eventually found home

the machine had not finished cleaning before it went to recharge… after recharging it did not restart to finish the cleaning… and I know of no way to send it to where it missed… anyone know how to activate the machine to finish cleaning from where it stopped?

My app does not allow me to set up a virtual wall… anyone able to provide instructions on how to set up a virtual wall? or get machine to restart after charge to finish cleaning from where it left off? or send machine to a specific room or area to clean? or send the machine to map areas that it missed first time around?

any help would be appreciated

When doing a factory reset, my vac only ever says it’s starting the factory reset, but it never says anything else, or actually seems to have done a reset…

I had that same problem. I didn’t find any official Wyze documentation about a factory reset, but i did see another forum with the answer.

Press and hold the home button until you hear the first prompt of factory reset. Immediately release and hold again for 5 seconds and it will begin the reset process.

Not sure what it does since the app still stored all the cleaning cycles and the map, so ended up being useless for me.

@markus.saelzer et al, Good News! There is a new app for
Android 2.16.55 (January 16, 2021) and
iOS 2.16.46 (January 16, 2021)
to address some of these problems. :slightly_smiling_face: Let us know :+1:


And. . . not to be out done, there is also a F/W update for the Vacuum:
1.6.75 (December 17, 2020)

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My experience with the iOS app is the only way for it to continue cleaning is if you still see the message in the app shown. If the vac starts to charge and gets interrupted / bobbled from the electrodes, the the machine will no longer continue where it left off and one would have to start the whole house again.

To set up the virtual wall, you use the button located here:

This button is not able to be selected if the vac has gone back to charge and is docked.

Also, the app will not create the rooms until after the first full scan of the whole cleaning area.