Wyze App (apple Silicon 2.43.5) stuck in Manage SD Card in (Mac OS: Ventura 13.4.1 (C)

I clicked on Manage SD Card and can’t get out!
Options are “Format” on top right of screen and “Eject MicroSD Card” at the bottom.

Wyze App info:
Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)
Version: 2.43.5

Apple MBP M1 Pro
MacOS: Ventura 13.4.1 (c)

There is no back option? The sideways V in the upper left? Can you take a screen shot of what your seeing?

Can you exit out of the app itself?

I do know that the Wyze app is optimized for tablet or phone usage, just so happens that the newer Mac laptops allow mobile apps to be used. Because it’s on a laptop maybe causing some compatibility issues.

Thanks for your reply and apologies for delayed response.
You are right there is a difference between ipad/iphone and mac book with apple silicon.
I have the back button on iphone and ipad. The macbook is a different story. How?

When I posted the question, There was no back button where the red arrow points.
I force closed the app and relaunched it. The back arrow is present.
However, as you can see in this image from a few minutes ago, the back arrow isn’t there now.

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