Please tidy up the MacOS Wyze app!

Please fix the Wyze app for macOS through Mac App Store (i.e., when running the “iPad app” natively on a Mac, the app looks and works terribly. Take a look and you’ll see!).

Similar to this? Could you elaborate more?

Currently Wyze only makes their app for the mobile setting, optimized for phones and tablets. In this use case the laptop is trying to make the mobile app work in the laptop setting. Kinda along the same lines as BlueStacks for pc. It works for me, but is kinda wonky because it’s a non mobile platform trying to display a mobile app.

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There is no MacOS app

Exactly, so what is your point? That there should be a MacOS app?


This is probably the cause of the issues, the app isn’t designed for the Mac.
There’s a #wishlist item for an app specifically for Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks.

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The OP is referencing this:

Okay then Wyze – you just committed to full compatibility on a Mac! Very cool, lol. Voted :+1:

Forum Moderators and Forum Mavens are not Wyze employees. I am a fellow Wyze user who volunteers to help moderate this forum. If Wyze chooses to develop this Wishlist request the status will change.