Wyze App 2.24 Beta Test (Android); Wyze Cam v3 Beta Test 8/23/2021

Interesting point, I am going to reboot my camera’s and see what happens. Will report back

I stretched mine out with the pinching. Have you done that?

Sorry, actually talking about the green area you are pointing to. When I go into my SD Card (View Playback), it shows about pinching on the timeline to stretch it out. Was wondering if you did that.

But that shouldn’t make a difference as we are talking about Wyze Camera’s. Wondering if it is related to having an SD Card in it.

Just Hard Power Cycled the Camera and tested. seemed to work, but was a little choppy. I then looked at the SD card and noticed it was almost full, about 1gig left. I decided to format the card and am testing again.

so far 2 minutes in and it is working. Will monitor some more.


Live streaming of V3 Camera’s seems to hang up at the 1 minute mark. I have gotten to 2 minutes but it still hang. I Submitted log #282098.

Beta Android Build: 2.24.16
V3 FW Version:

Tried the following - Which did not resolve the issue

  • Rebooted Camera’s
  • Rebooted Phone
  • Cleared Cache in the App
  • Cleared Cache on Device and Did a Force Stop

on iOS version 2.24.26 (4), I don’t seem to have the issue. So I think it is an Android issue.

I don’t either. So I tested to see and it did. Interesting and a good find. I also have an iPhone which seems to be fine.

The log number for my other V3 about rebooting issue with this firmware.


Thank you for reporting this issue. Our developers are working on fixing it.


Glad to see you are on top of this. Keep up the good work and communication, it goes a long way.

@bzhu , one other item you may have seen around the forums. when you try to sync the time on a v2 camera, it says sync has failed. This happens on both iOS and Android, so I think it is related to the Firmware. Wanted to relay this as it is all over the Forums now.


Deep formatted SD cards, synched time, power-cycled routers, APs, modem & cams before mowing… still booting, but live streams are stable this evening. Was going to flash a few problem v3 cams back a version tomorrow, but it looks like bzhu is on top of things so I’ll hold off for an update. :+1:

@WyzeBaohua: Last time I encountered similar performance issues, it was due to skipping a critical firmware update that contained updated or additional libraries. Wondering if jumping from beta to beta omitted some necessary library resources, perhaps in 4.36.4.x?


I think it might be an app issue. My V3 cameras on the previous FW version are showing the same behavior.

Hi! For your V3 that constantly rebooting, does it have accessories like the spotlight? Thank you

I use a spotlight on my V3 with firmware and I’m having no issues. Another V3 with no Spotlight is OK as well. They are outside in the heat and receive direct sunlight some parts of the day. It’s been 90 here this week basically.

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No accessories on the affected v3 cams.

I noticed something odd today when reviewing the playback timeline since updating the firmware to… the v3 reboots are occurring only between sunrise ±10 minutes and sunset ± 10 minutes. It’s 11:30pm here right now and my cams are rock solid stable, but tomorrow starting around sunrise they will be rebooting and unable to live stream. @gyzmo… are you seeing the same?

I also have other v3 cams still running Most are in direct sun all day and none of these v3 cams have any issues day or night.


I don’t have a spotlight on my cameras. Mine start to reboot most of the time from early afternoon until around 9:00 PM. Everything is normal during the night. Temperatures are around 92F since the update in afternoon. Tomorrow, they announce 78F. If I didn’t have to get my ladder out, I would have installed a previous version to be sure. We’ve had high temperatures for 2 weeks and the problem only started after the update. Now I know that the bootime is exactly 2 minutes… @WyzeBaohua


I’m going to flash one of my affected v3 cams back to tomorrow and see what happens.


Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have a really good idea about the heat. Is the reboot caused by high temperatures done by firmware? Is there a data entered in the firmware that tells the camera to reboot when a max temperature is reached? If so, have they lowered this temperature? @WyzeBaohua


re: managing remote cameras and not being able to reboot them unless the power goes out…

Or unless you have a smart outlet that you plug the camera into.

Not likely… most of my affected cams are in shade all day. It’s in the low 70s here when they start rebooting.

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That’s why I’m not 100% sure this problem is caused by temperature. Mine reboot when it gets really hot. This is not the case with yours… It only happened one day that there is one that started around 06:00 in the morning but after this time it always starts in the afternoon until the end of the evening. (+ - 9:00 pm) . At this point the temperature has dropped 8-9F but under an aluminum soffit the variation is certainly greater. I hope they will find the solution🙂

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While we’re at it,(tant qu’à y être), :sunglasses:

Another issue but not related to this firmware update. When I shutdown de cams (v2-v3) with the application, and start them again, error 67. Check this video: